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I suppose I'm to introduce myself? Alright then...

Name: Dustin White (I'm not giving you my middle name. It's too embarrassing...)

Age: Currently 16

Looks: Blonde (dirty or pure depending), blue eyes, lightly overweight.

Personality: I personally don't enjoy anyone who makes it a habit of fitting in as much curses or swears into a sentence as possible. I enjoy sketching random pictures from inside my head, which is where I get the ideas for the stories I write. I also enjoy reading stories (romance particularly) and writing my own. I am currently studying to become an animation artist and create television anime based on my stories.

(IMPORTANT NOTE) : I am not in a creative slump, nor a working slump. I am in my final stages of high school, and therefore swamped with homework and studying. Be assured I have every intention of completing the fictions listed below: It just may take longer than I initially expected.

Current Projects

-Element Children (4 chapters + Prologue) (Manga: Action/Adventure, Drama) (Extra Genres: Romance, Humor)

Roa Ikuta, only 15 years of age, recieves a sword on his 16th birthday, and meets a spirit that resides inside of it, named Scar. That same day, a terrible incident occurs, and Roa departs from his home to seek for the one responsible. On the way, he meets with Miwa Akimoto, an energetic tomboy with inhuman strength, Shun Saruwatari, faster than any animal alive, and other extraordinary people. Soon, Roa will realize that he and his friends will play an important role in an umcoming battle, to decide the fate of their home, Cartonia.

(Author's notes : This was mainly inspired by the anime Inuyasha and the generic RPG video game. Of course, I have my own little twist put into it, and the storyline is next to complete.)

(Special note : This fiction is on temporary hold until Metal Wing Angel (see below) is complete. The reason being, it is simply too difficult to juggle two fictions at the same time and hope to update them both within reasonable time. Also, this fiction will be undoubtedly longer, and therefore will be continued when the aforementioned fiction is done.)

-Metal Wing Angel (8 chapters) (Manga: Action/Adventure, Romance) (Extra Genres: Drama, Humor, Tragedy)

In a world where terrorism is around every corner, A special force of fighters have been established. Of that force, is the hunter Nathan Weiran, top hunter of his squadron. He is hired to protect Kumiko Nakashima, the daughter of a billionaire. At first, they hate each other, and can't stand sitting next to each other. However, dark events wait for them, and when a secret bigger than they realize is discovered, they will only have each other to turn to. Can they survive through suffering, tragedy, and regret?

(Author's notes : This was actually inspired by the anime Fate/stay night (which I highly recommend you go and order online, NOW) but most of it is my imagination. There will be a lot more memorable characters in this than in Element Children, so look forward to a character you may like.)

Future Projects

-Apocalypse Code (No estimated amount of chapters) (Fantasy: Action/Adventure/Drama)

In every story, you picture yourself as the hero, vanquishing the monster. This time, you're the monster.

The year is 389 A.E. (Advanced Era). Mankind has evolved greatly throughout the ages, starting a new era with the creation of the first Hybrid, a human genetically altered to become stronger and greater than the average human being. Unfortunately, this peace was short lived as the Hybrids turned on the humans, started attacking them, and leaving for space. The Hybrids and Humans began a never-ending war, mercilessly killing each other. On the moon, Javelin, or Lynn and her brother Sabre go to fight the humans attempting to take over their town. Lynn gets seperated from Sabre, and becomes trapped. Luckily, A silver-haired Hybrid saves her. The only problem is, he's the enemy.

-My Roommate (No estimated amount of chapters) (Manga: Romance, Drama) (Extra Genres: Humor, Tragedy)

(Spinoff of Metal Wing Angel) Nathan Weiran only wanted to get through collage, get together with friends, and get his diploma without a hassle. But then fate's cruel humor kicked in, and he moves into the only room available in the dorm, which didn't seem like a bad thing, until he realized two things. First, his room was split between the men's and women's dorms, and that his roommate was a girl, none other than Kumiko Nakashima, the local ice queen. Will Nathan survive living for 7 months with this foreign hothead?

(Author's note : Not to be taken serious in any way, it's basically using all of the characters from Metal Wing Angel as the cast, in a completely different universe then the canon one.)

-Child in the Maelstrom (Estimated 5 chapters + Prologue) (Manga: General)

(Prequel to Metal Wing Angel) A child is found amongst the ruins of a city, and is adopted by a widow. This boy, with blonde hair and red eyes, will share his part of history.

(Author's note : This is a very short little fic that will explain Nathan's background and point out key events in his life. It is recommended that you read Metal Wing Angel before you read this, though.)

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