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The etiquette of writing a profile, shall I be generic or shall I give you a glance into what I am about so you may better understand and enjoy my writings? I think we all know that answer... right?

Well, where do I start? I started writing when I was in 8th grade but my love for fan fiction slowly tapered off over the years but are now back in full swing as I am a junior in high school. I enjoy writing more than I enjoy smoking pot. Yes, I just said it... I smoke marijuana. No, it does not hinder me in my writing or my ability to learn. So, if you'd like to preach to me through an e-mail, you may do so. But, understand that I may not read it... or maybe I will. It would be rude and ignorant to not consider your point of view. However, I've lived a sober lifestyle for most of my years and thoroughly detested it. Anyways, since we are on the topic of herb, let me just say-- Mary-Jane and I kick it every night, and every night we transcend into the unearthly realms of the sky. We discover new tales filled with twists and turns that never end… but of course they have to or there would be a-whole-fucking-lot for me to type. Also, I am a giant fag hag. I have to say that my forbidden loves are gay men. Why? I don't know myself. But, one thing is for sure... as long as men have lesbians, I will have my flaming homosexual males. With that said, you can only imagine what kind of couples I create in my mind and then churned out to you people. I was notorious for writing slash fics for Linkin Park and the Deftones. Mike + Brad = The hottest fucking sex I've ever written. But don't get me wrong, I'm all about the straight sex too! I love watching movies and The Discovery Channel. The name, if you haven't noticed, entails my passionate admiration for A Clockwork Orange. Stanley Kubrick is a cinematic genius and Malcom McDowell was such a fox. Yeah, I said it, fuck you.

And... well, I'm sure you're getting quite bored of this profile. If you'd like to know more about this savvy author, visit her MySpace.

Dimebag Darrell Abbott

--May your chords ring infinitely.

August 20, 1966 through December 8, 2004

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