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Hello, my name is Abel. Well, it's not really Abel, but I think it's a pretty good substitute. I live in Tucson, Arizona, and I've been writing since I was thirteen. I'll be using my profile page as my writing journal. Hope you enjoy.

10/03/07 I've been busy with school and unable to upload anything new lately. But I just recently got a really good deal on a Macbook and I'll have some memoirs and other things up shortly. Also, got my first review not too long ago. Read the reviews for "Richard's Father." Not what I expected, but better than nothing.

10/09/07 Things are looking like I'm gonna have the first chapter of my new piece, The Story of Me, online by the end of this week. This is my personal memoir about some things that have happened in my life that some friends of mine have been bugging me to publish for quite some time now. It's actually been really fun, and I hope that you guys out there will enjoy it. Look for it to come out on Friday, maybe earlier if possible.

03/24/08 Wow, I've uploaded a new short story and a new chapter for The Story of Me! Seems like I'm on a roll, as it were. The story is about a Seven Eleven being held up, and the new chapter of the memoirs is about Ricky's dad killing himself, much like my first essay that I published on this server. It is a different look at the event, and it goes into a little more depth than the essay did. The essay, which the wonderful Mr Flames tore to shreds, was more of a observation of self pity and enduring through hardships that we've witnessed through life. It also touches on looking at what I call, "the bigger picture" and seeing that there is more going on in the world than our own problems. This chapter deals more along the lines of what happened. I'm a little iffy on the ending, but I think that it was strong enough to post, but if you disagree, help will be appreciated. I've also decided that I want to start making suggestions of things people should read on this server. So look on my profile page in the future to find out what I'm reading, and if you should be too!

Something to read: SomethingWitty37 Jack Killed Himself, Jill Assisted Him: A very intriguing story about a boy who seems to be going over the edge of sanity. Very well written and also very entertaining. If you have some free time this week, be sure to check out this out.

03/25/08 I swear, my short story professor is a douche. Today we discussed "The Swimmer" by John Keever, by watching the F'n MOVIE! How high school is that?! The things you waste your money on, like education! Anyways, I have not had time to transcribe more of The Story of Me, so it'll be at least half a week before you see that up. But, I've been pretty inconsistent with my publishing on this server. Also, a new short story coming up.

Something to read: Twilight Starr Shattered, Beaten, and Broken: Scary stuff to read. I really liked it for how "boiled down" it is. Plus it's a very interesting premises. Have not finished it yet, but I can tell its gonna be a keeper.

03/31/08 I have not had that much time to copy new chapters on here as of late. I've been busy with school, plus I just got laid off from where I work and have been looking for a new job. Most likely, I'll be working for a company that registers people to vote for the upcoming election. It's only temp, but I just need something to save up some money until next semester. But, I have been working on a new short story, entitled "Tongues," which I really like so far. I've decided that short fiction is the way to go for me, as I've only really gotten reviews and feedback for my short story. I've also been tossing around essay topics to write about. There is a guy by the name of Elmer Allen who was subject to radiation experiments by the US government way back in the fifties that I was thinking about talking about, but there isn't too much info to write on, seeing as it was mostly conducted by the CIA, and most of the times that poor Elmer tried to tell anybody about his predicament, they dismissed it as him being crazy. I'll have to toss around some ideas, but we'll see.

Something to read: Equal I Got Them Rehab Blues: Equal is definitely one of the most underrated writers on FictionPress. She's smart, has a honest approach to her characters, and she is extremely talented. This story is good for anyone who read those lies that James Frey shat out onto the world, only it's a lot more realistic. I personally compare Equal to a Jack Kerouac, or even William Burroughs when he wrote the book Junkie. It's a straight forward look at the world, no holds barred and anything goes. I really enjoy this and I know you will too!

04/22/08 I was able to publish another one of my short stories online today. It's titled "Tongues." Special thanks to greyladyrvnclw for doing my Beta for me! I have other things that need to be posted, but I'll have to see how time permits me this week.

Something to read: Nothing this time around. But next update, I'll be sure to post something next time around though.

06/23/08 I started a blog today, so that I won't have to fill this page up with crap and have everyone leave before they even read what stories I have written. the address is http:///, so if you wanna read some of my blogging, feel free to stop on in and check it out.

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