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August 4th, 2010 - So it has been a while and I think Writer's Block is finally unblocked (actually, I'm really not sure) but I know that looking back at my previous works make me feel accomplished. Entirely, I do not think I'll give up on writing. It is, after all, my sanctity to life troubles.

Since the years have gone by so quickly in my 'un-awaited' future, a lot of things have changed both in the way the Writers are thinking and how Fictionpress pimped itself with more confusing layouts. :/

I still can't find out how to remove myself from the editing frames. That's being old for ya...

Dag...its been a while since I upgraded this. Bummer on me then. (Feb. 20, 2007)

And so it continues...

May 12th 2006- I have some new (or maybe up-coming) stories that will soon reach your monitor screen. These are the following:

1.) Relinquish and Replenish the Unforgotten (historical and slightly funny): Now uploaded

2.) Capture uploaded

3.) Kuryo Zigouchi (funny) -I have made my decision not to post this. I haven't gotten around to it. But do I feel that if I wrote this, it would be a crack up. I mean, what vampire sucks ketchup in replacement for blood and... when is the son of the devil kind, let alone in love with an angel?

Most of my fics may have a lot of errors on it. That is because I do
not take the time to look at them. If you would like to punish me for
that, you may. .

If anyone is wondering, this is the sneak peek of the sub-part of Capture. I am trying to find out why this story isn't coming out like it should and I find that it is because I made some "skip" errors. Also, I may have another sneak-peak of the up-coming Part of "Capture" featuring the 1st person POV of, you guessed it, TWILIGHT CHAOS. Trust me on this one; you will enjoy it.

Here's the Sub-part of Capture

Subchapter 2: Rain

Fly, death cry, fly. Soothe my gently beyond bubbles that choke a tankered throat. HOld tight to the precious lungs that motivates all life. Think not of pity and not of people for you will pity the wrong person under this sea. Free mercy not of me. Le me sink. This is how it should be. It should have been done but it wasn't. Why am I still choked? I wondered. Such a man has pulled me from the streams so I should breathe. But even though I told myself this, the gulping of many fluids said I was still under; deeper into the abyss of the waves than I should have been. Before I could answer this knock in my heart, Death had stopping tapping to be greeted in. He use to knock constantly, rythmetically, like a beating heart and I almost answered. Instead, I stopped hesitantly and, instead, he slid a book under the heart-beating gate. It was, then, that I had to reread survival.

Blood boiled and rushed within me, guttering through the forbidden gate of my lungs as it filled me with its living death. Blue water surrounded me with blankets and glittered beams, haunting its hue in one sight either left or right. Swing gently waves and brnig the murk over a pale face. Stay forever by the side of a failure.

Yes. I see it now: the feather that will yank these pawas further from this land. One head peeks from the shore to espy this belligerent fall, two arms reach lower to over-shadow both eyes and the moon, three more bodies approach shriveling in a brusque form beyond the waves. I count these things faster than the amount of air dwindling, waning to an empty container.

Here it comes, huddled my eyes tight in tears from the ocean, finally coming in terms wth the intentions of a drown but a sense forbid it to happen.

What is cold to a frozne body? If oe wre to tell, my interest would florish to hear it for no chill coursed a shuddered spine. Might it be the wind drying me in its breath, I lay somewhere trying to reread, yet again, survival.

"I think she is coming to," bubbled a voice. Surely it was taht tenuto of a tone that lured me to a jumbled dream, the dream which unhesitantly blathered randomly.

"how is she still drowning? Shes already out of the water," a wavered vice spoke. This was rewinding again. I know it more than my instincts. Sitting stil, I continued to listen.

"when will he get here? He's the only one to save her."

"You mean she's the ony one he's got. You haen't seen something someting like this in a long while. I bet he wouldn't wait to place her in one of his collections."

"Well, I don't see him running here faster than the speed of light. Le me call him again." Once the chattering had ceased for little time, a chirp wavered to my ears. In the mean time, I managed to swallow some of the blood creeping from my throat.

"Krogar. When are you getting here?"

"I'll be there, just wait for me."

"Come...I don't think she's breathing."

"Just beckon her name until I come. It'll at least buy me some time."

"I don't know her name. I knew it. This is the day. I'm going to kil my own kind because I don't know her name."

"Calm down. You can do it. this is your chance to be a hero. Don't you dare miss it. Here. Repeat after me: Awaken my child."

"Awaken, child."

"Now keep prodding her with these words. I'll be there shortly." Shortly was a word too often used for the voice's prodding was limitless. Her messages were soft but it coursed my heart as strong as thunder.

Here is me and here is not me...
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