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What is LOVE?

LOVE is that he doesn't have to look through so-called imperfections in the way you look to see 'the real you', because to him you have no imperfections and every single thing about the way you look is perfect.

LOVE is that his spirit complements your own; that he knows and understands what you're thinking throughout the day and that he sees your worst character traits as endearing rather than flaws.

LOVE is that there's no-one else in the world but the two of you; that in his mindno-one can even try to compare to you because you're perfect in every way.

LOVE is that he is truly, absolutely and madly into you; that his heart only beats for you and that you are all that's on his mind.

LOVE is the very air you breathe, the blood running through your veins and more.

LOVE is ... LOVE, which is the only way to describe it; for it knows no equal.

Sorry for the long leave of absence, but several things happened to me recently (roughly since around Christmas) and I needed some time to think. Especially since I had the Godzilla of all writer's blocks plaguing me and the guilt that came with not updating for a very long time, I decided togett away from all writing for a while, except for college assignments of course, to clear my mind and see if I could come out on top.

Whileteachers at Med. School try to give us their version of SEAL training to make us better doctors and my tennis teacher mimics themwhile trying to achieve my full potential as a tennis player, I fought the pregnant lizard bitch ( know, the writer's block). And I triumphed, partly thanks to Nelly Furtado and her new album. She goes back to her roots, the music she played when she was just getting started.

And so am I. I have a dozenideas fornew stories, almost all of whichdeal with my "birth mark" (the supernatural, scifi and fantasy). This doesn't mean I will abandon my other running stories, for which I also have new just means we'll have slash in different forms, since slash is what I'm born to write.

I hope you guys like it, and I hope you'll all review.

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