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~~Welcome To My World~~
For those who don't know, I am E.S. McLaughlin. Enter an "Enchanted" and despretely twisted world where love is complicated and life is just the same. Now here's some info.

Age: 19
Likes:Dancing, Singing,rapping, chocolate, ice cream, reading, writing, romance stories,music, anime
Dislikes:hmm...People who take advantage of things they don't need. (like a perfectly normal person using a hadicapped bathroom stall in a mall or school
Friends:Lauren, Brandi C. Brooke C., Brandy H. Amber, Jessie H., Suzee H. Eva T. Crystal R., Jasvin S.,Sona P.
Story Stats
The Angel Trilogy
Giving An Angel Her Wings-has been on Hiatus, currently trying to write a new chapter!
Learning To Fly-The Power Of Love Not up currently. Will begin when "Angel" book I is complete!
Learning To Soar: The Power Of Forgiveness Not up currently. Will begin when book II is complete.
Bound Rose- Alonzo and Talia's love was forbidden. Can they beat the odds or will their gangs destroy their love and end their lives? First fic. COMPLETE!
Blind Justice-Beautiful, firey Latina Justicia Rodriguez was born blind. All she ever wanted to do was to be a cop. Can this blind beauty conjure the strength she needs to fulfill her passion? On Hiatus until more stories are completed
Shackled Love-When Catherine McAllistar, the only daughter of wealthy plantation owner James McAllistar fell in love, James was thrilled. That is, until he found out that Catherine was in love with "Johnny", the slave boy who worked in the cotton fields. Could a love forbidden by color laws and shackled by status survive? Not posted yet, will not be until I can find a good cliffie in the Angel Trilogy

~~Who I Listen To (Music and Favorite Songs by these artists)~~
Jay-Z-"Lucifer", "99 Problems" "Can I Get A..." "Jigga What? Jigga Who?" "Dirt Off Your Shoulder"
The Game-"How We Do" (w/ 50 Cent), "Playas Only" (w/ R. Kelly), "Westside Story" (w/ 50 Cent),"Southside" (w/ Lil Scrappy), "Dreams", "Put You On The Game"
Beyonce/ Destiny's Child-"Crazy In Love", "That's How You Like It", ""In Da Club","Lose My Breath", "Survivor","Soldier", "Bootylicious"
Linkin Park-"Numb", "Faint", "Don't Stay", "Figure .09", "Lying From You", "In The End","Bleed It Out", "Hit The Floor"
Avril Lavigne- "Complicated", "Sk8er Boi"
Kirk Franklin-"Revolution", "Riverside", "Stomp", "Hosanna", "Thank You" "Jesus Is The Reason For The Season", "Now Behold The Lamb", "He Reigns", "Looking For You"
1 Nation Crew-"Hands Up", "Donna", "Unconditional", "Movin' On", "When You Fall", "Could've Been Me", "Be Like Him"
Nicole C. Mullen- "Call On Jesus", "Redeemer", "Witness", "The Ring"
Joy Williams- "Serious"
Mary Mary- "In The Morning", "Dance, Dance Dance" "Thank You", "Shackles", "Get Up"
Three Days Grace-"I Hate Everything About You", "Are You Ready","Riot"
Papa Roach- "Getting Away With Murder",
~~More About Me~~
I am extremely twisted. I can't seem to get anyone to believe me because I don't show it much. I am a Christian and my dad is one of many associate pstors at our church in Durham. I am an avid rapper, known as Lady E. in church and at school. Besides songs I've downloaded, a CD given to me by Brooke for my 14th B-day,and a few movie sountracks, all my CD's are Christain music.
I have written 2 songs (One complete, unrecorded and one unfinished) and countless verses and full rhymes. My pride and joy of the collection is "Warrior" (Featured in the "Christian Rap Dreams" chapters of my fic "Delighted Dreams") and I am trying to set up everything to have it recorded soon.
Please be aware that my email address is posted on my profile. If you have a question about one of my poems please DO NOT post it in a review or if you must, leave your contact information (e-mail) so that I may respond to you personally insted of cluttering my poems with authoress notes. I would prefer, however, that the questions be emailed to me. Thank you. Also, I apologize to my fans for the long hiatus! I am now in college and it gets harder and harder for me to continue writing. I am attempting to continue the Angel Trilogy while home on Christmas break.
~~E.S. McLaughlin's Sign Off!~~
Enjoy my stories and my updated profile! Don't forget to review my stories as well, please? THANK YOU!

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Between us two,We own the night,Nothing so wrong ever felt so right..." A poem for lovers. A bit racy in my opinion. Please be gentle with reviews... this is my first poem like this. Enjoy!
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Sisters reviews
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