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Some might say I am "highly motivated to succeed in my aspirations of becoming an adventure travel writer/graphic novelist." My response to this is that it might be better for these people to just shoot themselve's in the foot, because I'm sleeping on the couch and I don't want to get the gun.
Some people might say that I am "un-healthily obsessed with the Cowboy Bebop series." My response to this query is to throw a Spike Speigal action figure at them and/or bury them in a massive stack of Bebop fan fiction until they suffocate and stop asking me silly questions and/or feed them bell peppers- without the beef.
Some people might say that I "am a scruffy skinny outdoorsy person who needs to brush the thorns out of her hair and maybe even wash that mud off of her face." My response to these people is to throw roots and berries at them and smack them over the head with a club, after which I run into the woods chattering away in my native dialect, which is composed of yips, Spanish words, coyote howls, Shakesperean prose, random Spikeisms, and obscure Japanese phrases. After this, I catch the neighbors Pekignese in a clever leg hold trap and roast it over a fire while exalting the pagan "god of Digital Cable and anime DVD's,"
Some people might say that I "draw way too much and go through about fifty pages of printer paper a day , all covered with useless drawings of my own warped characters and Vicious in 70's clothes." My response to this is to actually conjure up Vicious in 70's clothes from an alternate universe, who beats them over the head with his mod' Katana, then stalks off in his purple bell-bottoms to a jazzy trumpet piece-never to be seen again. As well he should. Also the Big Black Bird has a little bead necklace.
Some people might say that I have "extremely ecletic taste in music, to the point of sheer weirdness." My response to this is to turn up my Bluegrass/Beatles/Muddy Waters/Spy Jazz/Banjo Music/U2/Yoko Kanno/Bob Dylan/Perry Como/Led Zepplin/ Charlie Parker/Bob Marley mix CD to the point where I cannot hear them anymore and am comfortably secure in the extreme loudness of my music. This music choice is also intresting because I am 13 years old and should be listening to boy bands or something very very angsty and gravely. However, since I am not angsty and not boy-crazy, this music assortment cannot work for me.
And lo. The fossa's physce is revealed. It's not all that intresting, sadly.
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