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This account, if you hadn't already noticed sadly enough, is on indefinite hiatus. Everything is on a standstill. The Emblem is included. The Wolf's Dominion was written in a flourish of passion but symbolized nothing and means nothing. I can't write anything about anymore and therefore it is canceled. Until I finally get my act together, there will be no updates. Fall Break might be the time I manage to sit down and fix whatever's broken in me but until then I won't worsen or insultmy amatuerish writing.I'm an amatuer but at leastI have thegood sense totake pride in my work and post onlywords that I'm not ashamed of and I believeIcan be proud of despite what others think. It's been so long since I've been able to do that that I don't know how I'll be able toget back to that state. So until then, all my readers and reviewers,I thankye, and I apologize.

I, like many, am desperate for good reviews, from people that truly wish to give me praise and suggest ways to help me sharpen my writing abilities. Tell me when my sword goes dull, and how I can sharpen it. I'll be sure to return the favor. If you review me, I'll review you. Eventually. If you don't receive a review from me, then I screwed up, and I try not to do that intentionally or too often,.

Hello! I'm a regular guy who likes to write. Review if you please. Talk to me if you wish. I'm 16 and I'll be a great writer one day, so if you give me a some constructive criticism, I might remember you when I get big, eh?

Hope I didn't sound conceited there. Seriously though, hello to all the other writers out there and good luck with your stories as well!

March 7th, 2006 - Tuesday

Ahem* So I'm liar. So I only just uploaded a new chapter to The Wolf's Dominion, and I haven't uploaded anything new to The Emblem so far as I can remember. It's really shows that you need to get your act together when you can't even remember when you last uploaded a new chapter to one of your stories, eh?

Well, you few and far between friends and fans of mine, be aware that my life has taken an interesting, if not mildly burdensome turn. I've got family problems folks. The kind that run deep enough to make some regrettable decisions be put in the forefront of some people's minds. I've got a bunch of stress on me due to this. That, and I'm just lazy. I just...stopped caring about things for a good bit. Around, oh, I don't know, two months it seems by the looks of it. It's Spring Break now, and I'm not going anywhere for vacation, so, hey, I might just get my groove back, eh? Bear with me folks, please, I'm alive and well, just down and out about some things. You'll get your stories, if you care about getting them anyway. If you don't, why are you reading this anyway? Heh...

January 15th, 2006 - Sunday

I thought I'd start this whole update thing like most people. I'm very glad that you kind readers have enjoyed The Wolf's Dominion, and if I get my way, I'll update it with a short chapter today. That marathon run last Saturday at 1:00 AM when I started the story pushed me to write 8 pages, and as expected, it drained me a bit. So many people, however, are requesting an update, that I have to try to write a little something for you good readers and reviewers out there. You've made that story the most successful story I've posted so far. It took, what, 11 chapter for me to get 15 reviews out of The Emblem? 2 chapters and I've already got 6 reviews. Maybe, finally, the reviewing system is working with me instead of against me and my stories.

The Emblem - It's all a matter of editting and posting the next chapter. I try to write at least two chapters before I post the next one, so I can take my time and post them at seperate intervals so I can get my story pushed all the way to the top of the "Fantasy" page of updated stories. Expect an update soon.

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Bitterness: The Silent Killer (Won Honorable Mention at the State Level in the PTA Reflections competition in Texas)
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