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read my story, because i told you to. IF YOU REVIEW ME, I PROMISE TO RETURN THE FAVOR.

i'll be putting pictures of my characters, maps, profiles, etc. on my newly created Deviantart page soon. maybe. if you're interested, then go ahead and go when i put them up (i'll say so.)

mm, what else, what else? nothing really. im me if you want.

FEBRUARY 10TH - God's Worst Fear uploads its tenth chapter! Yay, whoopie! Okay, I'm done now.

MARCH 22ND - The twentieth chapter of God's Worst Fear is written (on paper).

JULY 30TH - I havent been on the site in awhile, but I'm back now. So i'll be reading/reviewing soon, as well as updating GWF...

God's Worst Fear (T) (in progress)

Okay, then, so about my story. I plan out it being either 4 or 5 books long. I'm not sure. But each one has a different subtitle. It's something like this:

GWF: Defiance

GWF: Reconnaissance

GWF: Resilience

GWF: Remembrance

But since there may be a fifth part, in between Resilience and Remembrance, I can't say for sure. So anyways, the story actually has two main characters, Archaia (ar KAY uh / ar KI uh) and Hapori (hah POUR ee), who are...well I won't give that away just yet. Wait till the end of book one, which is the shortest of the set. I do enjoy writing this story oh so much. Um, I lied: there's a third main character too; Miles. As usual, I plan on redoing certain parts of certain/most chapters. A few errors, a few syntax improvements, and most notably, the chapter where Archaia and Sol meet. I plan on adding an entire extra section to that chapter, which elaborates more thoroughly on Archaia's emotions at that part of the story, and includes an argument between them over Archaia's trust factor, or lack thereof.

Myriad Knights (M) (planning stages)

A kind of retro story for me, I have this nasty habit of giving up on story ideas as soon as they begin to pick up. As a last-ditch effort to correct this, I created this story, in which the main characters are almost exclusively taken from past comics/stories from middle school/early high school that i abandoned. Rune Prophecy, Draconic Prince, The Golden Scepter, and Demon Night are the stories, so for my fellow aspiring artist Seth, who should recognize many of the characters, this will be an extra special treat. As soon as I start writing it. The characters are obviously already done, though I updated some of them, as well as adding some, and the opening has been "devised," which means nothing coming from me.

Eartheaven (M) (planning stages)

A story mostly in the back of my mind, although the premise is something i recently came up with. No characters whatsoever have been drawn or even thought of, just the very basic plot. And the name, obviously.

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