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What's better than a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios? Two bowls of Honey Nut Cheerios of course!

I'm Rachel, a 19-year-old band geek from Anywhere, USA. I play the clarinet and I love to write stories about band!

I want to do a whole lot of band stories based on classic tales. If you have one you'd like me to try, let me know by e-mail or something and I'll see if it'll work. I won't do Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings though. I've thought about it, and both of those are too hard.

I'm thinking about adding a fantasy story that I've been working on for quite a while, but I think I'll try and finish something (most likely Class Clown) before I add something new. It will be a modern fantasy called Nine Lives. As you can guess, it's about cats.

All unfinished stories are up for update now. However I feel inspired to write is the way it will happen.

Some of you asked last fall about my major and I said I was studying to be a music teacher. Well, that's all changed! Now I'm majoring in English. I'm combining the writing and teaching plans and minoring in secondary education and music. So, I'm going to be a high school English teacher andan author.

Stories posted include:

The Magic Won't End at Midnight* Based on Cinderella, but from a band point of view. Emily is a shy clarinet player who gets picked on by the self-declared section leader, Rosy. Because of Rosy's abnoxious bossiness, she gets the big duet with snare extraordenair and Emily's crush, Kyle. When the worst (or maybe the best) comes true, will Emily be able to stand up to her greatest fears? *Completed and revision in process!!* -- Update: Revision postponed, indefinately due to untimely inspiration!

The Calico Cat* A short story written for my creative writing class. I didn't really like it, because I had such a short time to write it, but my teacher really liked it and I got an A! Its about Joni & Josi, twins on a farm in North Dakota who find a calico cat. Hence, the title.

Marching Band is Not a Sport* Paige loves marching band. She always has, but in her final season, can she teach someone else to love it as well? *Chapter 2 up! 1/15/06

Class Clown* Jimmy has a crush on Megan and she can't stand him. He's the funniest kid in the class, and doesn't work with her plans. But she's about to find out something about him that may change her opinion. *Chapter 5 posted! (12/11/05)

Dissonance* Loosly based on Shakespear's Romeo and Juliet. Ally and Mitch are in love, but she's a woodwind and he's a brass. In Mr. Tank's band this is forbidden because of a long-standing division. How can they overcome the differences and the band to be together? *prologue posted, chapter 1 coming soon... or maybe not. I'm at school now and I forgot all my writing for this one at home...

Poetry posted includes:

Almost Forbidden* A poem I wrote for my creative writing class. Its supposed to be narrative and about a memory that I have, but it's more like narrative and based on an emotion. It's just a small bit on how I always seem to push away the people I want to get closest to.

Starting Over*I was thinking about starting college for the past few days and how no one knows me there. I don't have any lables there, and I can be whoever I want to be.

Poor Bear* I was given a teddy bear for Christmas by a guy who likes me, but I didn't like him back. I feel sorry for the bear that hides on my shelf.

Senior Year* I wrote this at the begining of my senior year in anticipation for all that would happen that year. It all came true...

My Secret Heart* I really want to tell this guy that I like him. He always gives me a hug when I see him and it makes my day. I wish I could tell him, but it'll all stay in my secret heart.

The Day I Told the Truth* Life can be tough. Contradictions, love shared and lost. Things will be fine, but never the same.

2/23/06 - Hey guys, sorry about the lack of updates. It's not been the greatest semester so far, so it's likely that there will not be too much for now. All three of the coming chapters (for Class Clown, Marching Band is Not a Sport, and Dissonance) are about half-way finished, butI don't know when I'll be able to finish any of them. I have 12 page paper due ina little more than 2 weeks, so the panic factor is a little up there. Spring break is a possibility, which is coming in about 3 weeks, but we'll have to see. I've not been feeling particularly inspired at the moment either, so that doesn't help... well, hope you find a good read in the meantime! Keep writing, all!

3/19/06- Hi again. The paper is done, and midterms is winding down. There might be some more updates coming soon, depending. Spring break will be a very nice, relaxing time to do a bunch of that! Less than a week! Have a good time, everyone and keep writing!

6/29/06 - Okay, so I'm pretty miffed at the moment... I was happily writing my chapters before the semester ended, but while I was packing and the such, I lost my jump drive, which had all my writings on it! Including the new chapters, which were so close to being done! I think I left it in the study lounge when I was printing something off of it... grr... ugh. But, I'm dealing. I'm trying to remember what was on there and am trying to recreate it. Hopefully there will be a chapter up sometime soon and a few this summer.

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