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Hello, and welcome to my page. I’m a twenty-one-year-old from the US, and I’ve been writing on and off for almost fifteen years, though it’s been more off than on until more recently. About five years ago, I came down with a very sudden and serious case of Triple A (see below), and I haven’t stopped writing since. I hope my creative outpourings do not bore you so thoroughly that you cannot bear to review them!

Latest Quote: "This is our home entertainment center. It's quite homey...entertaining...pretty centrally located..."– Me, during a tour of our new apartment!

Current Project: Nighthawk.

Overview of Various Works:

Crestil: Beginning with the land's coronation of King Quin Wildwind, the ancient province once known as Crestil initiates its slow return to former glory, ending the violent reign of the petty wizards who ruled before Quin. With the discovery of the Killeen'ghymn in the 1st Year of Kings and the kick off of a bitter war that lasts for over half a century, the dire warning of Ghom, king of the mysterious halflings, hangs heavy over the fledgling nation. Torn with war between the four major human nations and caught in a web of workings far beyond those of mere mortals, the Crestilian line staggers on for a hundred years with the behind-the-scenes assistance of the Underground Court and, later, the sea-bound Kru. Eventually, however, Ghom's long-forgotten prophesy comes to fruition, and the human need for the exiled halflings cannot be denied as the malevolent Mist sweeps across the land. But, as Ghom had feared, the humans are not prepared for the return of the halfling race, and a great darkness settles over the earth. Stories include: The Sand Drake, Silver Shadow, Era of Nosnah, The Arbitrator, Three Feet Under, What Happened After, The Pirate One, and Nighthawk.

Era of Mist: With the arrival of the Mist, the human race dissolves into terrified, squabbling factions and falls beneath the evil thumb of the vile Others, who enslave the vast majority of the world's population. Only a select few manage to escape this dismal fate by accepting the soul-bond of a halfling, permitting the magical creature to take on its true form (that of the dragons of old) and fight back the Mist's influence. The unbound halflings die out, unable to survive in the human world with no link to its natural inhabitants, and the meager remains of humanity scratch out a wretched existence by banding together to resist the Mist. There seems to be little hope for salvation, until the second half of Ghom's prophesy rings true and the world turns to ash.

Verdun: When a young visionary named Aaron breaks free of the Others who have held his people captive for years untold, he brings his little band of rebels to the Surface, the first act of true defiance against the Mist since its arrival. The dragonriders offer sanctuary to his ragtag band, and Aaron lays plans for a crusade to free more and more humans from the clutches of the Others and rises to become the first Dragon Lord. Gradually, the humans build a powerful nation on the ruins of a civilization destroyed long ago and turn the tide of perpetual war against the Mist and the Others. The dragons and their riders, known as Guardians, hold the most esteemed position in the new human society, and peace reigns for many generations. But all good things must come to an end, and eventually, the people begin to resent the power the Guardians, now obsolete in the absence of the Mist they have destroyed, hold. A tiny faction known only as Cado develops a means of fighting the mighty Guardians with a latent magic all men carry within them, and they wield this new weapon with deadly precision, neatly severing the thin tendrils of law and order that bind the human race together by killing off the last of the dragons and overthrowing the Dragon Lord, known also as the King of Verdun. Stories include: Ashes to Ashes and Shadow of Brilliance.

Farlands: With the fall of the Verdunese throne, many a man loyal to the Dragon Lord flees for his life to the Farlands, a recently-discovered realm that lies far across the sea. The perils of this magical new world nearly prove too much to the intrepid humans to face down, but they eventually make peace with the natives and colonize the Farlands. Due to the diversity in race and culture and the free roaming spirit of the colonists, no organized form of government rises to power, and each city, town, village, and hamlet exists as its own free state, linked loosely to every other settlement by the neutral Peace Officers who enforce only the most solemn laws passed down by the Creator. Stories include: The Farlands Quartet, Maximum Capacity, and Kaden and Arlys.

Dark Age: With the tremulous peace of Verdun so broken by Cado, the Warriors (masters of the powerful tyora and elemental vidra) seize control of whatever land they may and resolve the chaos into a sort of feudal system governed only by force and the loyalty of allies. A dangerous, deadly dance of political maneuvering drags on as no man seems able to solidify control over the shattered lands while an unknown threat lingers just out of sight. Stories include: The Hunter, The Warrior, the Predator, and Ennys

Others: A few stories I have written fit into none of the above categories because they simply do not take place on Thian. Stories include: Quiet Chaos and Raskha, which actually does take place on Creon, but long before recorded history.

Progress: Army training should be all done for the year now, so I'll have more time to work on stuff! The only bad part is, we still don't have internet at our place. Hopefully that'll be getting fixed here in the next few days...maybe weeks.

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