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Name: Dark Kazega-kun (what, you thought I'd tell you my real name?)

Age: 16

Location: North-Eastern United States

Preferred things to write: Science Fiction, Fantasy, dark poems

Pet Peeves:

1: People who put stuff like "better summary inside" and "srry that the summary sux" in the summaries. For god's sake people! If you have a better summary inside, put it where people are gonna see it first! Bad summaries kill stories. People read the summaries for a reason: To find out what the story is about, and if they're gonna like it. If they don't like what the summary is saying about the story, they aren't gonna read it. You could have the best story in the world, but it doesn't matter if people are driven off by a crappy summary that looks like a four year old wrote it. If you can't think of a better summary when you post the story, either wait to post it, or change it to a better one when you get one written.

2: People who flame stories just because of how an author writes, or what the author puts in his or her story. If the author puts shonen-ai, shojo-ai (slash and fem-slash for the japanese-illiterate), or something else that the reader might find distasteful in the story, don't simply flame it because it's there. That's why most authors put small warnings into the summaries. EX: "blahblahblah. the usual summary. blahblahblah. WARNING: Slash, fem-slash, suicide, drug use" If the author or authoress doesn't choose to, that's their own choice, but it saves trouble in my opinion because then the stupid people won't read and flame.

3: Short chapters. I know I really can't complain, but I really hate chapters that are below 5000 words, even if I write them. I can understand short chapters that are well written, and often posted, but short crap-ters that are posted once a month piss me off. Y know, I think I'll shut up now.

Favorite Music: ummm... Dropkick Murphys, Drowning Pool, Evanescence, and many more. I just can't list them all here.

Other Places I have accounts:

1: DeviantArt. My account there is called DarkVampKazega. I don't have many works up yet there, but there are several pictures of my OCs, Takato Kazega and Ariana Harako. Also, the pic of Ariana is only one possible view of her. The way she looks in Free as a Bird is very different than how she is here.

2: Fanfiction.net. On there, my pen name is Chibi-NarutoKawaii. meh... I've gotta change it to something else. Probably Dark Kazega-kun, like on here. Well, if anyone who reads this likes Harry Potter fanfiction, please check out my Girl-Who-Lived fanfic, titled Sarah. If you like Naruto fanfiction, read Of Sand, Foxes, and Slugs, an AU in which Naruto is a girl, and trains under Tsunade.

I'm not sure if I have any other important accounts, other than here.


Only one, Free as a Bird, which is slated for rewriting once I have time. My Harry Potter fanfiction is way behind schedule.

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