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Still around, but definitely in dormant mode now. Doing a few reviews here and there, but I don't think I will be posting anything new.

I am keeping a blog nowadays, if you are interested click the homepage link.

She filled her world with books and such, with various words stuck on a page.

Crisp black typeface clashing against the starched white paper.

She filled her head with clichés, with little catch phrases already injected with meaning.

Used words: their originality sucked from them long ago.

She filled her world with broken pieces, with sharp edges to catch her skin.

Torn flesh flowing freely onto the bleached surface.

She filled her world with helplessness, with the simple notion that someone was out there to save her.

She found a key and locked herself back up again because what’s the point in saving yourself.

She filled her world with bruises and anger and pain, she looked back at what was forgotten and then filled her world with envy.

She filled her world with tears, with a salty taste constantly on her tongue.

Vast oceans of nothing but tears crashing against the surface.

She looked back upon her fragile encasement;

Standing back in awe she admired the tight envelop she had made herself,

She lightened her world with a smile, with ruby lips slightly curled upward, and a small flash of white teeth.

She filled her world with all these things then she closed the door behind her and threw away her key.

Now she’s left with only her own hot breath slowly filling in her tight encasement.

She filled her world with everything but she forgot to leave room for you.

She closed her eyes against the rush and waited for it all to change.

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