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A change in the making sadly. I decided to dump my first name, Windgirl. I began to think on a new name and it finally came to me: Mizumi-Hime. Sure, I'm no princess but its got a nice ring to it. I've actually made it my signature name everywhere I go so it's time to get rid of my old nicknames -Except for Krystal, in no way am I dumping that!- So here I' am now, under a new name and hopefully I will gain a lot from this little change. Oh and good news everyone! I'm almost done with a short story of mine. It will be posted as soon as I get everything settled out.

Plus it's a late gift for a lost love of mine. He may not like it but, I did say I'd get him something so...We'll see how he reacts. I want people to review it so when it comes out please review to your hearts content! I'll stick to my Windgirl name and change it when the new story gets a decent viewing. When it has enough air time in the Manga section, I'll change my name to Mizumi-Hime. That's all for now. Everyone have fun okay?

Mizumi-Hime (Ana)

Name: Ana

Age: 15

Gender: Female (Isn't it obvious? O.o)

Occupations: Student (buuu...)

Likes: Writing, Reading Catherine Anderson's books (lol she ish cool), singing, acting, etc etc. Writing MapleStory fanfiction, making Maple banners, making Maple videos (You should note the Maple theme here...)

Dislikes: I can't really tell what I dislike so come back to me when I have some dislikes.

Wishes and Aspirations: To become a manga writer because my art skills are horrible... At least compared to other people. I hope people like my stuff though! So give me hope XD.

Pixie Dust

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama, Shojo

Summary: Arina Tayasaki is supposed to be a regular 16 year old girl. She is supposed to be a popular girl with the crowd staring at her in admiration, she should have a large social life with crazy friends and should have many guys chasing her everywhere. And she does. She has all of this but, this is thrown out of proportion by the sudden arrival of Reiji: A 16 year old guardian angel who is a handsome yet, old distant memory of hers. With his arrival, he ushers in a new era of remembrance for her involving love; heartbreak, drama. Miracles, hope and most of all the importance of perserverance. He believes that with a little Pixie Dust (literally), anything is possible.

This is the story of their fates interwined with each other, of how even with years of departure a connection can always be ressurected. This is the story that shows how a love can always bloom even with the most impossible blockades set up.

Percentage Completed (Until released): 50

Estimation for Completion: TBA -This one might be a bit of hardball to decipher but, stay with me here. 'Tis worth it.-

A Wish For You

Genre: Romance, Drama, Shojo

Summary: Is supposed to take place at least two years after Pixie Dust. This will either be an alternative ending or the actual epilogue to the story -I still don't know who Arina is going to end up with but we'll get there eventually.- Arina's birthday is today and Antony begins to remember the sour memories of their relationship; the break up and what had happened afterwards. Antony's been trying his best to forget all about it and yet something keeps pulling him back to those troubling flashbacks. While he attempts to come to terms with his confusion, he accidentally sees Arina with another guy. Although his mind is pressuring him to move on, his heart just won't take the step forward.

What will it take for him to forget about her? And is Arina willing to let go of those bittersweet memories? This is the short story of their struggle to come to terms with a problem that should have been solved long ago; the story that goes to show just how far Fate will go, whether Antony likes it or not...As Reiji stated: Anything can happen.

Percentage Completed (Until released): 70 -Editing the current chapters-

Completion: March 28th, 2008. (Officialy speaking)

It's already up so go look down at the info on Childish Dreams.

I just posted the next chapter up! It's a long one, since I didn't know where to actually cut it off to make it fit, but I think I made a good choice. Please enjoy! Now wish me luck, 'cause I need to finish a huge project by Friday! @.@

A Wish For You will be up pretty late, so don't hold your breath XP.

Dang, I missed the deadline. Doesn't mean I won't post it up. My new puppy's a real big hassle, seriously. I'd love to post up a picture but... well I don't think I can post a picture up XD. Either way, give me at least a day or two. Most likely I will have this story up by Friday. I'm pretty sure! I hope... I'm sorry for the inconvience.

I did it! I posted up the first chapter! By the way, this won't be a long, long story. It's just going to be a few chapters so please don't sit on your seat waiting for another update from it when I say it's done. I kind of had that happen to me one time... Also, I'm working on a Maple-based video for the story. Antony's character actually takes a different turn from his moody, brooding self. Here's some new info for you!

Childish Dreams

Genre: Romance, Drama, Shojo, with slight overtones of Supernatural

Summary: This is the side story for one of the upcoming chapters of Pixie Dust. As Reiji faints from the pain of being stabbed in the stomach, he lands in his dreams, where he begins to remember his first time meeting Arina and how they became so close. Meanwhile, while transporting Reiji to the nearest hospital, Arina becomes emotionally unstable which prompts the help of Antony and friends to comfort her as best as possible. With Reiji dreaming and Arina helpless, most of Reiji's responsibilities fall on Antony.

Can a fallen-esque angel like Antony take on the trials and duties of a guardian like Reiji? And will Reiji recover from his fierce wound or will this injury cost him his job and his stay on Earth? Not even a load of Pixie Dust can help them now, and sadly Arina knows this.

Percentage Completed- 15

Estimation on Completion- TBA -I just started this story.-

Maelstrom: The New Order by CrimZeo reviews
This is the fixed version of Maelstrom Part 1, since the original story had too much fluff and unnecessary stuff. Plz review this for me rather than the original version!
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