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Alrighty, so I'm Serialcode A. Yup. Feel free to abbrieviate my name as needed. Here are a few examples:

I'm your average underachiever who has trouble finishing stories when she actually starts them. That's why I need reviews! Because they make me want to write more! So if you want more of my stories, you have to be willing to comment, or else I won't want to continue and you will be pissed off. And I will be sad. And eat.

So review.

Also, go review the awesome possum Lycan-chan. She's awesome. Yes.GO NOW! Rawr. You can get to her through my favorite stories, favorite authors, or from this link:

1/2/06 -- Uploaded a ZOMGHET one shot for you all. Still working on chapter 2, sorry. XD
1/1/06 -- HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here's a one-shot story for ya'll. It's called The Fine Line. Hope you like it. :)
12/22/05 -- Chapter 1 of SEVENsins is back up, edited, and BETTER. Muahaha. Enjoy and um, happy holidays, I guess. Next chapter should be out SOON.
12/09/05 -- Chapter 2 of SEVENsins is up! Yay!
11/23/05 -- edit: Chapter 1 is back up. Rejoice! XD
11/23/05 -- Nearly done with Ch. 1 of SE^EN;sins. It'll be posted soon. :) Yay for Thanksgiving break! xD

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SE^EN;sins (A BOYlove GRAPHIC NOVEL): Meet Karasuma Toru, an average 15-year-old boy just entering High School. He's not too smart, not too athletic, and finds that the only things he's reallygood at are domestic things, like cooking and sewing, which earn him more than a little taunting at his middle school. Life is slow, tiring, but good enough for Toru. He never expected anything to happen. So when he receives a letter ofrecruitmentfrom a prestigious and secretive High School in a remote part of Japan, Toru is a little suspicious. On his mother's and sister's proddings, Toru accepts and suddenly finds himself thrown into the lives of seven very interesting boys--all of whom hold the evil spirits of the Seven Deadly Sins! What's a boy to do when your roomate is Envy, your dorm attendant is Lust, and your science partner is Sloth? Hilarity--and heartbreak--ensue. Oh, and there's a pretty twisted plot thrown in as well.


Keep Your Enemies Close
: Homosexuality
Characters: Taylor Bennett, Sean Porter, Momiji Murasaki, Ashleigh Porter, Dana Montreal
Planned Chapters: 10
Completed Chapters: 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 . 6 . 7 . 8 . 9 . 10

Detson & March: Paranormal Disposal Angency Case Files (a.k.a. Detson & March: PDA Case Files)
: Homosexuality, Sci-Fi/Fantasy Violence, Kissing?
Current Characters: Gabriel Divine, Aiden Reed, Avery Reed, Cody Sterling, Patrick Blake, William Frost
Planned Chapters: ???
Completed Chapters: None

The Good in Suicide
: Homosexuality, Violence, Kissing
Current Characters: Nathan Anderson, Caden Love, Parker Kelly, Oliver Day, Madison Black
Planned Chapters: Approx. 15-20
Completed Chapters: None

About Serialcode A

I am a bored, teenage girl who likes nothing more than torturing her favorite brainfart!characters by placing them in odd, uncomfortable, and potentially life threatening situations through writing, art, or a combination of the two. I enjoy video games, Manga/Graphic Novels, reading classic literature (and not-so-classic), and, of course, writing. I am easily swayed by the great temptress called food and I have a weakness for boys with red hair. The sexiest part a boy is his back and neck, followed closely by hair and eyes. I used emoticons way more than this short bio shows, and my friends can attest for it. I love boylove, but that doesn't mean I don't like het pairings either! Some of my favorite mangas include Naruto, Kare Kano, and Tsubasa, and my least favorite is InuYasha (no offense!). I can't play sports to save my life, but I did get pretty good at softball. I'm an internet junkie, and I spend more time on the computer than is healthy. My goals include becoming a published novelist, a professional graphic designer, finish (or, you know,start) a webcomic, and persuade my mom to get me a dog when I go to college. I happily ship many couples, my favorites including Sasuke/Naruto (From Naruto), Kankuro/Kiba (From Naruto), Shikamaru/Ino (From Naruto), Ron/Hermione (From Harry Potter) and Sirius/Remus (from Harry Potter). I despise people who put their own characters into fanfictions, because I think it destroys the point of the original work, but messing with the canon characters is always fun. I'm incredibly lazy and don't feel like writing anymore. Go figure.

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