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Good day. I am a simple, deranged girl with a simplistic, common name - Karma. But it 'twas not originally that, for I have sliced off the former last three letters; desperate situations require desperate measures. I am certain you are able to guess what those three letters are. Hint: My former name rhymes with 'Charmaine'. How distasteful. Thus, you should now be able to see the need for this shortening.

.:Basic Facts:.

Name: Karma
Age: 12...Too young
Country: I live in a black and grey world of passing shadows
Stereotype: I'm temperamental. Sometimes preppy and giggly, sometimes dark and emotionless. Go figure.

Likes: Soft music, the ocean, the sky, my BMX-obsessed older brother, fantasy, reviews, singing (alone), silver, roses, the words: bouquet, fa├žade,eloquent & supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Dislikes: Heavy metal, rap, cigarettes, litter, the rest of my family, math, idiotic/unreasonable people, pink and orange, the words: terminator, roily, adumbrate, crass...I mean, really, crass?

Hobbies: Singing, drawing, reading, writing (...), hiding in seclusion, avoiding people, riding my unicycle (Yes, I have one), scowling, confusing people (Especially the ones that I half-like and aren't exactly sharp-witted. It amuses me)


*cough* Nothing. I deleted my old stories. I can't continue with anything, you know. Ah well.

Upcoming Stuff: I don't know. I haven't been on Fictionpress or even writing for a long while. I'mbusy with drawing; colouring, shading, you know all that. But I'm thinking something about roses and shattered glass and glittery kaleidoscope facets. Yesh, I have been watching Beauty and the Beast.

That's all for now. Go review something. It makes people happy.

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