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Real Name: Alva Jonathan Taylor

Nickname: Star

Birthday: February 21st, 1984

Favorite Things: TOO MANY TO LIST! Sorry!

Interests: manga, anime, getting inspired of what to write next in my stories, fan fictions, watching television, video games, drawing, writing, etc.

Television: Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, Ben 10, Transformers, Power Rangers, etc.

Anime/Manga: Girls Bravo, VanDread, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Bakugan, Pokémon, Digimon, Sailor Moon, Love Hina, Girls Saurus, Mahou Sensei Negima, Ashita no Yoichi!, Rosario + Vampire, Sekirei, Ranma 1/2, InuYasha, Slayers, etc.

Movies: Transformers, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Lost in Space, Clue, Back to the Future, The Blues Brothers, Down Periscope, McHale's Navy, Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D., The Super Inframan, The Toxic Avenger, Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles (all three movies), TMNT, etc.

Music: Psychic Lover, Cascada, etc.

I've been a kid crazy for many amazing and cool shows and stories, but then when I discovered fan fiction, I've become absorbed into the imagination of others, then when I tried to enter that world, I've also discovered the world of fictional stories.

Ever since I've discovered Generic Universal Role-Playing System (GURPS), I've decided to have my creations limited to the character creation rules in that game.

You should see my other sites—FanFiction.Net







Thoughts on Stories to begin working on (titles unthought of, characters unbuilt, etc.)—

Beautiful Elemental Hope Star;

-Genres: magical girl

-Rating: T for Teen

Anime/Manga Stories to plan/work on—

Continental Beauty Zoë; when magical fan girl Zoë Hart from San Francisco, California loses her potential boyfriend, her high school, her car, her father's job, and her family's apartment all in 3 hours one day, she does what any depressed beauty would do; she joins the Guardian Beauty program, a global military-like program that recruits females and train them to their best at everything possible and infuse them utilizes recently discovered magic to protect the planet.

-Genres: magical girl, adventure, military (sort of)

-Rating: OT for Older Teen

Duel Worlds; KuroHoro Utamaru was not your average ordinary 15-year-old young man, for one he has lost his childhood memories and most of his family in the War of 2013, then just by getting involved with the trading card game of Duel Worlds, he's given adventures that could restore his memories and possibly save the world. Starting at his inherited island hotel in the Pacific called Tenaku, a talented magical girl fan/duelist named Zoë Merichelle Ichigo and their friends join beside him to help, as well as play the titular game.

-Genres: adventure, game

-Rating: T for Teen

Earth Spirit Ariadne; over 8 years ago, Airi Oshiro survives a plane crash but with very little memory. She was cared for by a magical tribe and went back home to Japan so her daughter, Ruki, would be born there. They come to Tokyo in search for a new life. But evil forces come around, but Airi has the power to stop them; by transforming into the magical jungle woman, Earth Spirit Ariadne.

-Genres: adventure, fantasy

-Rating: OT for Older Teen

Elegant Paladin Sarah; in the beautiful city of Actarnaia, a beautiful young woman named Sarah Tenuciel trained herself since childhood so she could become the magical savior, Elegant Paladin Sarah, and seeking the other Queens of Heaven (which she is one of). Meeting several powerful and magical adventurers with amazing origins willing to protect the world, Sarah attempts to accomplish her goal of saving the world, bringing peace and love and justice to all, restoring balance, and locating the her fellow Queens of Heaven at all costs. Making a friend in Aztoro Kamadom, who later becomes Twelve Schools Wizard Astor, the two work together and defend the world from a strange evil force coming to conquer it.

-Genres: magical girl, fantasy, adventure

-Rating: OT for Older Teen

Fist of the Celestial Soul; years ago in the future, after civilization started gaining cracks that could cause it to crumble, the School of Celestial Souls in hidden Valley of Fallen Stars in China has sent its successor, Kenjou Tendou (aka Ken), one of the most powerful martial artist on the planet alive and a gifted young man with too much humility and an unusual side he never showed to the world; out into it. Now, after years of traveling and more training on his own, he stumbles across the Stars of Destiny Hall, a newly revealed temple that mysteriously arose up from the ground in the Pacific along with an island of its own called Yunivara, what he didn't expect to find was that the place was also occupied by 17 beautiful girls (and a lady caretaker). With the situation gone unusual for him, with the girls' antics, powerful martial artists coming to claim the island, and mysterious connections to his past, how is Ken going to deal with it when he's forced to stay?

-Genres: martial arts, ecchi, adventure, harem

-Rating: OT for Older Teen

Interdimensional Adventurer Meikurumi; Meiko Shiranai doesn't remember her past and is ostracized by many people because of her frightening ability to know practically everything about the people she's encountering without introductions, information of needs without being told, etc. with the exception of herself. From time to time she considers suicide because of this troublesome ability, even though she still has a few friends and her favorite hobbies are fictional stories (TV, movies, novels, etc.) and drawing sketches of herself if she were in any of those stories' universes. One day, she learns she's not from this dimension from a talking Sunekosuri named Masatsu and she has to travel to get her gear to transform into the Interdimensional Adventurer Meikurumi in order to travel through them. Now, with her friends and new gear (along with a superhero identity), Meikurumi is in for the adventure of all time.

-Genres: magical girl, adventure, cross-overs

-Rating: OT for Older Teen

Chujinu; the Loving Gynoid; in the future city of Tokyo, college student Yuu accidentally orders a female robot called a Love Doll, whose name is Chujinu, and now he must participate in a crazy event involving these odd humanlike robots while acquiring more of them.

-Genres: sci-fi, romance, ecchi, adventure (some)

-Rating: OT for Older Teen

Lovely Sorceress Éowyn Goldra; Eliza Akurana is like any other 14-year-old high school girl in Santa Ozma, except she's tight, not so at ease, driven to be as best as she could, and in a serious need to lighten up (and everyone but her knows it). But when the Kingdom of Darkness begins to grow closer to escaping their dimensional prison and conquering the universe, she is granted a gift that grants her the power to transform into a Sorceress of the Order of Amore; Éowyn Goldra, a magical girl destined to fight the forces of evil. With her shapeshiftng familiar Mira Kari, her companion Sorceresses of the Order of Amore, and the mysterious Samurai Punk, she should be able to win (and grow out of her old self).

-Genres: magical girl, adventure, adventure, fantasy, romance, ecchi

-Rating: OT for Older Teen

Magical Swordsman Kenzaki; in the world of Koutaiga, adventures are the ultimate power. Kenzaki Aonoken, a young but powerful swordsman and junior rank adventurer, follows his teacher and three companions (his good friend Chosuke the wizard, the ninja gunman Dan, and Hana the fangirl priestess) on adventures and make history.

-Genres: action, adventure, fantasy

-Rating: OT for Older Teen

Monster Detective Squad; in the megapolis of Ursalaia City, 12 monster-related people are going about solving mysteries (some of which involve supernatural forces and such) as well as battle the unusual if not truly dangerous Demonsters, monstrous creatures that terrorize humans, in secret… as the Monster Detective Squad. This team includes a girl (vampire), a revived Egyptian (mummy), a wandering army veteran (werewolf), a swimmer (gill-folk), a scientist (Frankenstein monster), a servant (ghost), a shy young woman (witch), a flirtatious woman (succubus), middle school student (catgirl), a quiet tomboy (ice maiden), a college graduate (demon), and an immigrant (alien).

-Genres: horror, mystery, superhero, adventure

-Rating: OT for Older Teen

Mystic Girl Luchia; this story is about three different magical girls; one drawing power from mystical methods to combat against a mysterious demonic race, one that is using advanced technology to fight technology-wielding criminals, and one whose anatomy changes into a superhuman specimen who fights genetic chimeras after her. The course of these three is unknowingly drawing them to one location for them to meet and gradually unite against the demon race one of them has been fighting. These girls' tales and others collide, as the Mystic Girl Luchia's true nature reveals itself.

-Genres: magical girl, adventure

-Rating: OT for Older Teen

Pirates of Ranos Dolph; this is about the adventures of Kira Tenui, a mighty prince of a world (that was taken over) turned space pirate, and his amazing crew of heroic pirates named the New Heaven Knights. Kira's ultimate goal is to free his world of Tenuizelos as soon as he was strong enough and retake what's rightfully his as well as prove the innocence of his crew and him to all.

-Genres: adventure, science fantasy, drama

-Rating: T for Teen

Raimoua Card Hunter Rikuto; in the quiet Mitaka City, 12-year-old Rikuto Kawatta looks forward to life in junior high school and has already made decent plans for his future. Unfortunately, he got himself caught in an accident that setabout 80 cards of unbelievable power called the Raimoua Cards free from a magical box called the Raimoua Suit into the world. The guardian spirit who originally watched over the Cards shoved the responsibility to Rikuto. Using the Raimoua Suit as a medium, young Rikuto transforms into a magical hero who will hunt down and reseal the Raimoua Cards before chaos is unleashed, luckily he can use the resealed Raimoua Cards to assist him. Little does Rikuto know that an evil force is seeking these Cards' power for their own selfish ends and their master will be his greatest challenge of all.

-Genres: adventure, fantasy, magical boy/girl

-Rating: T for Teen

Seicrisu: Creatures of Mystery; Shinji Jotarou was not an average 10-year-old boy, having feared of his own personality without knowing what it was and fearing that it may endanger his life. A few weeks after moving to a Japanese city called Kotokara, he discovers the game of Seicrisu after his first one amplified a small piece of his innermost personality wanting to come out. Admittedly taken by the game, Shinji is slowly discovering that he may change his life for the batter. Of course, knowing that the game figures are sentient beings coming from another universe, Shinji is starting to become one of many who learn that it's more than just a game and others are planning on using the hidden Seicrisu power to destroy everything.

-Genres: adventure, action, game

-Rating: T for Teen

S.H.A.M.A.N.S.: the Shamanistic Healing & Magic-using & Astral Numeral-task Squad; 7 young kids get pulled together by fate before intruding onto an empty Native American ground, but instead of getting haunted they become blessed with unusually strong shamanistic/spiritual powers. Eventually, those seven children grow up into a powerful group of people to help with the world and try their best to make everything for the better. While living life to their fullest, they look for potential comrades. However, a corrupt billionaire of unknown origins named Harold A. Xanquien claims they're a threat to the world and will do anything to destroy them (or contain them). But the SHAMANS' greatest challenge has yet to awaken, for the world depends on them to save it.

-Genres: adventure, action, supernatural, science fantasy, ecchi, horror, magical person

-Rating: OT for Older Teen

Space Bride Jo; American college student, Joann Sarah Snelling, is a dreamer of space, her friends affectionately refer her to as Space Bride Jo, but there are also times she thought of romance with the boy of her dreams, Riku Tendouji, yet couldn't bring herself to admit it. One day when she was on her way to her apartment, in attempt to drowning her sorrows away by means of swimming, she gets a surprise introduction from some mysterious man appearing out of nowhere. His name is Lukorus Hikumére Kozmonu XV, but she calls him Luke for short, and he comes from from the planet Kozmonu, where he's prince of. His reasons of leaving home were simply because he's tired of royal luxury and with other siblings suitable for the throne, he figured it'd be better without him. But being royalty still, his parents placed him on the availability list in the entire supercluster, so he ran to Earth to escape, because of it not being a formal member of certain system alliances and isn't due until it matures. Finding herself tied up in these matters too, Joann stands up for Luke, which unbelievably makes her suited to marry Luke. This predicament is the start of many unusual events, to which Jo has brought down on herself.

-Genres: sci-fi, harem, ecchi

-Rating: OT for Older Teen

Space Demon Hunter Rianne; Rianne Olsen is an Earthling girl with a body of a model but a self-esteem so low she's been dubbed 'the Unhappiest Pretty Woman in the City of Saletea', she's been like this since childhood and nobody knew why. When extraterrestrial entities who would do anything for the first called Space Demons come to invade the Earth, she begins experiencing multiple additional souls awakening within her. Then a genius scientist from space named Jin Lai comes down and recruits Rianne and uses the super-technology Jin has in his hands to transform her into a Space Demon Hunter.

-Genres: adventure, sci-fi, science fantasy, ecchi, magical girl

-Rating: T for Teen

Spirit Warrior War; Thousands of unbelievably powerful Spirits were created and then sent out to seek Contracts with special humans called Warriors before their creator's tournament begins. The Warriors draw on their Contract Spirits' strength in exchange for coexistence. The creator of the Spirits has only one rule: there can be only one Spirit Warrior champion. Those who lost must be left out while killing of some is allowed, while he sole victor will be granted a single wish. This tournament is the Spirit Warrior War. Wataru Hoshino, a quarter-Japanese American movie actor in training, discovers a Dragon Spirit named Kudaiki who warns him of the tournament and trains him as a proper Spirit Warrior before the tournament begins, unfortunately making Wataru a certified member of the tournament. Understanding this, Wataru enters the Spirit Warrior War not for the prize, but so he could prevent innocent people from getting hurt because of this. The extent to which you must go if you want your deepest wish to come true, and the sacrifices that you must make. In the end, there can be only one Spirit Warrior...

-Genres: action, martial arts, supernatural

-Rating: OT for Older Teen

Super College Chogaku; Jakku Suyuyo, an average normal high school graduate, accidentally enters the Japanese branch of a secret school for unusually special people (i.e. superhumans, inhumans, prematurely evolved humans, etc., disguised as normal people) with him as one of the few normal people on campus. Jakku is stuck here and is somehow becoming popular with the superheroine title worthy beauties on campus. But if someone with diabolical deeds does come upon campus, can his friends protect him (and his secret as a normal person)?

-Genres: harem, ecchi, superhero, action, parody, romance

-Rating: OT for Older Teen

Stellar Adventurers; past the time when Earth was left behind due to mass space colonization, Mazabeth Yuna Jualtz, a powerful and beautiful space-faring sword-wielding warrior, and a few companions, including the legendary firearms master Yamataro Jiroo Hashima who has once leveled legions with his 7-13 Blade Buster, are traveling about, evading hitmen after the price on her head set up by evil men from Planet Titan XXIV and other people after the bounty (while not knowing that Mazabeth was really framed) while at the same time defending innocents and preserving peace.

-Genres: science fantasy, adventure, ecchi

-Rating: OT for Older Teen

Zodeck Magicard Celestial Paladins; the Solar System is threatened by Dakornanzo, an evil entity, who commands the Dakornanzo Cosmic Raidestroyer Fleet, a interstellar space fleet of conquerors, and a legion of modified beings and much lesser entities. In San Francisco, our heroes are 12 formerly regular people, mentored by a wealthy corporate executive named Erik Ownby. Drawing their powers from powerful spirits, elemental forces, their zodiac connections, and the magical cards known as Zodeck Magicards, can they save the day? Two other groups, a heroic dozen from various rescue services using technology and a group of mutant antiheroes, get mixed up in these matters.

-Genres: action, adventure, superhero, magical hero

-Rating: T for Teen

Cartoon/Comic-based Stories to plan/work on—

The Amazingly Hip Breakair; amateur electronics inventor Ryan Taylor likes to listen to music and dance as he has missed all the fun he should've had in his younger days, but both his father and his boss say that it's not for men and it doesn't make real money. But he doesn't care about money, just as long as everyone's okay. While taking private lessons with a couple of street dancers, he understands the superhuman abilities he possesses. Realizing what he could do, he becomes a superhuman breakdancing superhero, Breakair, to fight crime. Villains everywhere, watch out for his Handstand Drop Kick and his Head Spin Tornado!

-Genres: superhero, sci-fi, action

-Rating: T+ for Teens and up

Battle Team Zeta; six different people (an energetic punk who learns why fighting was invented, a seductive lawyer who refuses to stand people getting hurt, a super-strong noblewoman from Norway with a strong sense of justice, a kid from Japan with a half-dragon heritage, a gentle giant, and an alien princess), each with separate stories (their tales before being recruited), are brought together for a more important role: save the world.

-Genres: superhero, science fantasy, action

-Rating: T+ for Teens and up

Multiversal Heroes; the world is changing in vast ways, including the rise of incredible power of evil. Along with that very rise comes the burst of superheroes.

-Genres: superhero

-Rating: T+ for Teens and up

The Naturally Mighty Forest Man; gentle and happy-go-lucky country farmer John Traylor was almost without a single flaw and lived a very normal life in his small and unheard hometown of Gardensfield before a manmade disaster destroyed everything. After spending 6 years in the forest with unusual humans, he kept his positive nature. But he knows that one day he has to return to civilization, only after settling there, he discovers that the Destruction of Gardensfield was no accident and not planned by humans. Adopting a mysterious green and blue superhero persona to protect everyone's smiles and the balance.

-Genres: superhero, action

-Rating: T+ for Teens and up

Ryutendo Mikoto; Keith Raiten was an ordinary 6-year-old before encountering an ethereal dragon that told him to train until the afternoon of his 18th birthday. Upon that very night, he has awakened as a superhuman martial artist with a destiny. Noticing he can use his powers for good, he adopts the mantle of Ryutendou Mikoto, the dragon prince of the heavens! Journeying around the world with his four friends (cynical yet gifted Tristan, kind yet depressed Willow, Willow's childish twin sister Hailey, and responsible yet jolly billionaire Michael), he takes his path of the (super)hero; fighting crime, protecting the innocent, and working for world peace.

-Genres: superhero, adventure

-Rating: T+ for Teens and up

Live-based Stories to plan/work on—

The Adventures of Captain Ash; an extremely gifted if somewhat unusual and unconfident hopeful adventurer named Ashton Keaton gets his chance for an adventure when Aaron Vokira, a billionaire rival of his late father's, plans to uncover an ancient relic he believes is the ultimate weapon made by mankind before blowing up his home. Through a stroke of luck, Ash survives without a scratch, he heads off to tell the dean at his college about Vokira's plans only to find out that he's been handed an assignment by the vice-dean and his admiral cousin, who both didn't approve of Ash's father's style in the open sea during their days together and would fear the boy would go down the same path if given an adventure with equipment he's already studied about, to test the young man in a series of adventure games. So they give him command of an enormous experimental prototype submarine mostly built from Ash's unorthodox science and design (it was siphoned without him knowing it until further information) crewed by a handpicked motley crew of strange people just to make it more difficult for him against a 'so-called' fleet of better archeologists protected by the U.S. Navy with Ash being tagged 'the enemy to use the undersea artifact for evil' (similar to Vokira's scheme). However, Ash realized he could use the super-submarine as a race to beat Vokira to the real lost civilization while at the same time participating in the adventure games.

-Genres: sci-fi, adventure

-Rating: PG-13

Horrors in Hillsborough; in the New Hampshire county of Hillsborough, average slacker Jeff and hardworking employee John often wish for the more exciting parts of life in a town where nothing out-of-the-ordinary occur. Unfortunately, they never counted on the undead and other horrors coming about the neighborhood and reported all over the county. Now, it's up to them and a few fortunate ones to combat the horrors plaguing their home county. If they thought the 'Blair Witch Project' was too scary to watch and the 'Scary Movie' series was getting stupider with each sequel after the 2nd, they need to get their act together to survive!

-Genres: horror, adventure

-Rating: R

Mad Cash Games; 8 teams of people are picked out of random to participate in three courses of a generous and eccentric billionaire's game, one of the player team's leaders will be given 250 million dollars for each course. Little does anybody suspect the advantages of the other teams and the chaos ahead of them in the later courses.

-Genres: comedy, adventure, chase/road

-Rating: PG-13

Parody Stories to plan/work on—

Sgt. Ryuseijin L.A.P.D.; in Los Angeles, there's Sgt. Alex Stark, a quiet cop who takes his job more than seriously. Crime is becoming unusually high in L.A., especially with mysterious cases, some of which where some witnesses claim that mythical, mystical, and/or legendary beings were involved, and to make matters worse, something really big is happening in Little Tokyo, involving an ancient prophecy, and poor Stark's part-Japanese heritage gets him caught in the middle of a crossfire. Before he knows it, he finds out he's not all human but 15/16, with a hint of dragon blood empowering him and granting him, including the ability to transform into the dragon saint, Ryuseijin. With the help of a friend from police department and a young Japanese girl named Yuka, Alex should be able to save the day.

-Genres: superhero, fantasy

-Rating: PG-13

Unity Squadron StarRangers; five young people are chosen by mystical constellation called the Stars of Unity to become a superhuman fighting force to combat evil forces. As long as their friendship remains true, their strength will amplify and the evil forces, especially, won't stand a chance, especially the 5 Forces summoned by the fabled Constellation of Destruction. Parodied from 'Super Sentai' with a touch of 'Teen Titans'

-Genres: Tokusatsu, young adult, science fantasy, action

-Rating: PG

Tokusatsu-based Stories to plan/work on—

Elementones; the Floridian city of Coronda is plagued by strange creatures of unknown amount of abilities and unknown origins called the Manoch, which hide away in secret until some of them begin acting up. Our heroes are 10 people, each with unusual pasts and unique features. Having invented their Elementone Gears to combat these threats, they are out to save the world and prevent this mysterious race from spreading from the city and onto the rest of the planet, as well as make a few honest bucks. But our heroes will soon face their greatest challenge when their leader's little brother discovers that his apartment secretly hides the lair of the dormant overlord of the Manoch… and he's going to awaken soon.

-Genres: Tokusatsu, sci-fi, action

-Rating: PG-13

Heroic Chimeras; certain ordinary individuals around the world encounter certain questionable parties before waking up the next day, feeling like it was nothing more than a dream before they inexplicably develop superhuman powers and abilities plus the ability to turn into unnatural monsters. Learning of the amazing things they can do, very few of these individuals remember that it wasn't a dream and was very much real.

-Genres: Tokusatsu

-Rating: PG-13

Lunaborg Draconaut; after multiple moments of chaos occur all around the world within a single hour all of the sudden, an extremely powerful creature from beyond our Solar System named Hinyu had come to Earth in the Precambrian period but laid dormant for billions of years. Now he's awake and he's sending monsters to wreak havoc in his quest to conquer the planet as he did with other worlds. But there is hope for mankind… Dr. Seamus Foster, the world's most renowned nanotechnology expert, leaves behind his nephew, a plucky yet shy young man named Richard Foster, the plans and machine of his project to invent a superhero called the Lunaborg Draconaut. Richard took up the role to obtain the ability to transform into Draconaut so he can stop Hinryu and his army.

-Genres: Tokusatsu, action, adventure, science fiction, fantasy, superhero

-Rating: PG-13

MaStar: the Mysterious Armored Deliverer; when an evil corporation called Faros is preparing to take over the world in secret, someone prophesied that a mysterious armored deliverer, a 2nd Moses, will arise to smite the evil and deliver freedom to the world. Special high-tech armor called MaStar Units, constructed by innocent scientists, was smuggled away from Faros in secret and scattered in desperation. One has fallen into the lap of Joshua Blake, transforming him into the mysterious armored hero, MaStar. Soon realizing his destiny to battle Faros and other evil forces, Joshua is in for the ride of his life.

-Genres: Tokusatsu, superhero, adventure, science fantasy

-Rating: PG-13

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