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Hi there, I am cat-and-mouse, and I have just redesigned my profile page.
I'm a college art student, and hope to go pro someday in the animation field.
I listen to music while writig and drawing, to help me get in teh mood or inspire me. Sometimes I find a character's theme song, wouldn't you knwo it.

Hobbies: Drawing, reading, playing video games, watching movies, surfing the web

Favorite Animes/mangas: One Piece, Shaman King, Honey and Clover, Baby and Me, Et Cetera (no really, that's the name of a manga), Death Note, Tsubasa: Reservior Chronicle (as well as anything else by CLAMP)

Favorite Movies: Just abut any Hayao Miyazaki film, WALL-E, Coraline, Beauty and the Beast, The Thief and the Cobbler

Favorite Genres to Write: Comedies, Romance, and I enjoy trying my hand at darker stories, as "Angel's Altar" proves.

Up-Coming Projects:

Murder Dolls (Title may change)
Rating: R
Genre(s): Action/Mystery/Sci-Fi/Romance
Pairing Types: Shoujo-ai, qausi-incestual het
Warnings: Voilence, Gore, Death, Swearing, Child Abuse
Synopsis: A series of strange clones created for one purpose: assassination. Mother created all of her daughters with love, and they pay her back by killing whomever she wants them to. One of her children, however, has been kept sleeping in a tube for the past two years...she was a very bad girl. When one of her other children frees her and the two go on the run, Mother sends all her other children to kill them both. But why was the youngest Doll asleep for so long? Why did someone free her? And the other Dolls all have strange secrets and motives of their own...

Silver Sword
Genre(s): Action, Comedy, slight Romance, "Tournament" story
Pairing Types: Het, touch of shoujo-ai
Warnings: Mild voilence
Synopsis: Suki wanted to be a SwordWielder like her mom was. Not only that, but the BEST. She enters a tournament for SwordWielders at the age of thirteen, with her brand-new sword, whom she names Silver. But along the way and Silver must prove that just because Silver is the world's only female sword doesn't mean the two of them are weak.

And Shizuka's Journey will have a sequel, as of now untitled. I don't want to give away too much of the plot right now, but here's what I will tell you:
There will be some new characters.
Hopefully, ssj-jolt will help out from time to time. One of the new characters is his own creation, after all. ;)

Other pages:

Youtube Page:

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Synthetic Emotions by Melissa Norvell reviews
HETERO Eros isn’t your average humanoid computer. He has no memory at all, which disables him from being of any use. No wonder he was found lying on the side of the road. But when an average schoolgirl takes him home, she's in for a surprise.
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Rayavous by Kamatori reviews
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Magical Girls Uncovered by Rem reviews
(Re-edited/posted version) Magical or Menace? Join our two intrepid Reporters as they go in search of the Shocking truth THEY didn’t want YOU to here, and the footage they didn’t want you to see.
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If Dreams Came True by NyAsE reviews
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Shizuka's Journey reviews
Shizuka is a young demon who has no power. Supposedly. She is sent by her father to go on a mission to find her own unique ability, together with her three companions. But there's something her father won't tell her...And someone else wants her dead...
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