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I hate bios...oh well. I am in to anime, mainly Inuyasha but I also like Rurouni Kenshin, Full Metal Alchemist and Wolf's Rain. I live in Albany, NY, US. I also have a fanfiction on
called The Daughter of a Haynou.

September 3, 2005

I will be adding a glossery after I got a suggestion in one of my reviews. Great idea, I would have never thought of it. Ah the wonders of the review system. I'm sorry I haven't reviewed in, forever practicly. I took down Kiso because I couldn't see where I was going on that. I didn't really put that up with much in mind. I promise I know where I'm going with this new story. I'll put some information about The Travels of the Wolf down below. Anyway, that's pretty much it for a while.

April 27
Here's the deal, I know I promised another chapter by the end ofspring breakBUT I got a huge case of writers block, got frustrated, and decided to take a break. I also promised another chapter of my fanfiction that has sat in dormancy for several months while I formulated this story but that didn't happen either. I felt even more frustrated and mad with that one. If I try and force myself to write it turns out all crappy and stuff so I try not to do that. The only one I could bring myself to do was the sequal to The Daughter of a Haynou which really confused me on why I could happily do that one and not the first one of the two. My mind works in weird ways so I try not to question it or I wind up going crazy and it looks like i'm talking to myself. Anyway, my life is really stressful at the moment. I still need to start my 2 minute debate speach that she gave us yesturday and is due tomorrow. So I have to get a move on that. I also have a huge project on my seminar book due Monday. I have a test tomorrow and a PE *shiver* test on Friday. So I'm really stressed out and don't really have the time to do a chapter at the moment. Granted, I could probably finish one up in the time it took me to update here but once again I couldn't bring myself to do that. Don't question my mind. I try not to and if you try you'll never figure it out and it'll drive you nuts. Beleive me, people have-...I have tried to figure it out. I got nothing. They got nothing either. So expect another chapter on this oneby the Monday after next(no promises).

The Travels of the Wolf

Terms(Thanks to Iccorp2 for the idea. Be careful, there may be spoilers.)

Kiyal: a species that is generally stronger than humans with more energy. Some have odd powers and some do not. A while back there was another species called Atrails which has long since dissapeared. Atrails were more wild than Kiyals and not as intullectual. Their DNA was so close to many animal species that they were capable of interbreeding. Over time, Kiyals were formed. Kiyals show some of the traits that the animals so long ago did although Kiyals no longer breed with animals. Thus, different breeds of Kiyals came around. There are wolves, bears, tigers, lions, ect. Most are predatory animals but some may be pray animals like deer and squirrel. Different breeds of Kiyals can interbreed though, due to their similarity.

Kalli: a cross between Kiyals and humans. They were cast into slavery after a treaty was made between the ten nations. Kiyals hated Kalli for their human blood and humans hated them for their Kiyal blood. They don't get very much respect, especially in neutral and Kiyal nations. Kalli have transformations based on the moon's rotations. For one day every rotation, they become human with the exception of fangs that distinguish them. On the exact oposite day of this their powers are at the fullest and they loose all Fire.

Fire: a kind of magic that is always within humans and Kallis. Colors distinguish different traits that are supposedly their number one trait(see color list). Only certain people are capable of weilding their magic. This power is passed down genetically.

International Peace Council: a council of fivehumans and five Kiyals. They represented the fivenations,one of which were neutral, two Kiyal, andtwo human. Two representatives from each country were sent. This council makes decisions that effect more than one country.

Color list:

Teal: wisdom
Purple: open mind
Red: strength
Green: natural beauty
Orange: friendship

Country list:
Tranon: Kiyal; the nation that Jaclyn escaped from
Cantara: human; the nation that Jaclyn escaped to
Epninde: neutral; the nation that Jaclyn was born in and lived in until she was six


Random Similarities With Camp Little Notch
We really do call it a dining hall, not a mess hall or cafateria
Staff members do have "camp names"
We do call them hoppers and they do the same thing
We really do have a cook(Pepper) who chases people out of the kitchen during mealtime.

Jaclyn Adolpha:
-Name meaning/origin: French:to protect
Teutonic:noble she wolf
-Home: Originally from Epninde but lived in Tranon.
-Gender: Female
-Species: Kalli
--Breed: Wolf
-Age: 14
-Hair Color: her hair is "grizzled" with white, brown, black, grey, red
-Hair Length: the middle of the back
-Height: 4ft,11in
-Eye Color: brown and gold
-History: Jaclyn was put into slavery when she was six after her father, mother, and her were found in a forest of Epninde, the neutral country. Both her parents were killed that day so she technically is an orphan as most Kalli slaves are. (other events happened here and it will be disclosed later because I have plans for it's announcement)She lived in slavery for a while until she and a friend of hers escaped.

more will come later

Name: Nicole - Name Origin: French
- Name Meaning: Victory of the People(god, that does not sound like me)
- Birthday: February 5
- Home: Albany, New York(US)
- Gender: Female
- Height: 5'5
- Hair Color: chestnut
- Hair Length: mid-back
- Eye Color: One blue, one green
Favorite Animes
Fullmetal Alchemist
Rurouni Kenshin
Wolfs Rain
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Friends Everybody Loves Raymond
Fairly Odd Parents(cartoon)
Favorite Inuyasha Couplings
Sesshoumaru/ Kagura
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