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Author has written 10 stories for Action, Humor, Supernatural, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi.
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Magma: Sex-male. Age- don't need to tell you. Likes- Video games and drawing. Dislikes- clowns. Fav. Food- Burgers!!! Project- Quest, Project Omega, Gold Rush

AC3O SpAd3s: Sex- male. Age- younger than Magma. Likes- Video games and pranks. Dislikes- little sister: Kim. Fav. Food-AC3 ain't gotta tell you foo'! Project- Stan II, Gold Rush

Dood: Sex- female. Age- don't ask. Likes- Prinnies Dood! Dislikes- Morons that she works with. (Magma & Rayden-X specifically) Fav. Food- Dumplings! Project- Swords & Roses, Infatuation with the Devil

DJ Sckytzo: Sex- male. Age- older than the rest, except Rayden. Likes- Anime, the good kind! Dislikes- Stupid people. Fav. Food- Damned if I know. Project- A Chained Sanity

J.Philly- Sex- Male. Age- The youngest, Fresh Meat!. Likes- Anime, Video Games. Dislikes-People, bad CosplayProject-Yuria

Rayden-X- Sex- Male Age- Oldest. Likes- Food, Stuff that's good foo! Dislikes- Retarded customers. Project- X05 Bounty Hunter

Current projects: Quest, Stan the 2nd, Swords and Roses, A Chained Sanity, Eclpse,and Project Omega.
All four members of Mischevious Productions reside somewhere in New Jersey. We are all amatures and are in need of practice. This profile will be updated frequently. We accept all kinds of reviews and anyone intrested in joining just e-mail and ask. So, enjoy our work.


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the story os about how an android helps a scientist to create machines like himself and then he has to go bac and reap what he sows
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A man who can't win in any endevores to his life finds a way to keep going in the darkness. Rated R for Violence, Gore, Language, and sexual references. R&R
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