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Hey guys...

So, I'm spaghetti, an Italian-French Canadian grad student in my mid 20's. Also, I am a made of awesome nerdfighter and a third-wave feminist. Yayz!

Those of you who were around in my Animal Crackers days may have noticed that I went missing for a while. I was getting frustrated by the long time it took me to finish a chapter for updating (I find it difficult to work on the same story for too long a period of time at once) so I decided to never post until I had completely finished the story. Which didn't go so well for me. Then I discovered the wonderful world of one-shots! So there are definitely more of those coming your way.

Check out my writing, and I would definitely love to hear from you in a review!


31 July 2013: Well, hello there! If you're here because of SKoW, then welcome to my humble abode, feel free to read and know that I love getting reviews! If you're here because you already loved me, OH MY GOD YOU GUYS I GOT NOMINATED FOR A SKOW AWARD for best breakout author! You might notice I haven't published anything in over a year... unfortunately, I finished grad school and have been dealing with periods of hectic work and periods of depressing unemployment. So my muse hasn't been around much lately. However, maybe this is the boost I need to get my creativity juices flowing again...

Anyway, for new readers, a quick guide to my connected one-shots:

  1. Single Hottest Thing
  2. Internerdial Dating
  3. untitled forthcoming one-shot
  4. untitled forthcoming one-shot
  5. untitled forthcoming one-shot

Now, the first two are pretty stand-alone, but some of the later ones might make more sense with backstory. When I was quite young, I wrote my epic novel, Of Love and Animal Crackers, which centres on a group of friends who go to a gifted high school. I always intended to write a sequel and never did, and then several years later once I'd gotten into my one-shot writing groove, some of the characters whose fates I had planned to deal with in the sequel showed up and haunted me until I gave them their own one-shots. Picky! Anyway, I'm about as embarrassed of Animal Crackers as anyone can be of their teenage writing. So, I would not suggest reading it (unless I ever get around to a re-write). If you're planning to read the connected one-shots and want some background, here's a brief cast of characters:

Elaine: loves romance novels, hates her perfect sister, likes the cool kid in school, definitely doesn't like Kevin. [referenced in Internerdial Dating]Kevin: likes Elaine. And politics. But not tzatziki. [referenced in Internerdial Dating]Spring: Elaine's best friend. Her parents are divorced, and she's coping by being Very Practical and having a sense of humour.Steve: gets his nose into everyone's problems. Also is the dungeonmaster on D&D nights because his parents are compensating. [briefly appears in Internerdial Dating]Nella: loves to sing, hates Steve. (a lot). (like, really). (like, you don't understand how much she hates him). (and NO, he is not CUTE, what are you TALKING about).Krista: gamer girl extraordinaire. Will kick your geek ass if you try to flirt with her. [obliquely referenced in Single Hottest Thing]Gavin: Kevin's best friend. Computer geek of probably Russian descent. Unhealthily obsessed with Krista. [appears in Single Hottest Thing, Internerdial Dating]Sandy: Steve's girlfriend, and the only person who can't tell that Steve has a crush on someone else. Until he CRUSHES HER SOUL. [appears in Internerdial Dating]

(okay, now that I write this, it sound a lot more interesting, and I may actually do a re-write.)


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