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Good evening.

We are a group of three (or four, occasionally) female writers from New Zealand. Nell, Maeva and Lulu officially. So, collectively, this is an account for all our writing. Sometimes, one of us may be writing a story, or all three of us, as SA goes. Nell, however, does most of the writing for Saint Artemuis and the rest of us chip in with helpful (or unhelpful) tidbits. Yey.

We have fanfiction pages too. Read. READ.
Nell -
Lucy -

Current efforts:
Saint Artemuis
- the big one. All three of us working on it. It will be about 100 chapters long. Daunting, we know. There will be sequels and take-offs... featuring the boys and girls of Saint Artemuis that we all love.
The Death of the Sane - written by Nell, a bit darker that our usual fluffiness. A first-person omniscent story about a journalist who gets tangled in the web of a sociopath because started a fling with the wrong woman.
ICD-R - written by Lulu, a romantic drama about a girl that gets thrust into a secret governmental job, and her daily life with her... colleagues.
Fortissimo - written by Lulu, a group of students at an internationally recognized musical college decide to go in for a chamber music competition, attended by the world's best. What will the journey bring for them?

We are collecting Saint Artemuis fanart and have been given some already~! It was wonderful! So, if any of you readers out there want to draw any art at all for any of our stories, it'd be greatly appeciated and we'll love you forever.

Please read. And review!~
We promise you won't regret it. :3

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Through comedy and drama, five men tell Demitri three simple words: 'I love you.' He finds these clingly, wanna-be lovers the LEAST of his problems... -shonen-ai-
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