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Latest story: Heart of Magic

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New chapter finally. I was in New York and then was sick.

I think I'm going to post shorter chapters from now on, more like 2,000 words.

Tell me what you think!


Well few seem to be reading Heart of Magic anymore. I wonder what I've done wrong. Or is it just getting too long. Some feedback would be nice. Oh well. I'll just keep posting...can't stop now that I'm in the middle of the book. I mean I've had this storyline in some version in my head for a long time. And this world. Perhaps it's not translating well to story form. Although I've tried's working better than before anyway. Someday I'll be a real writer, maybe, maybe if I keep going till I'm like 50 or something. And this is the only thing I'm really good at! I mean, compared to anything else. So wow. I should be really good, better than I am now, considering how long I've been writing and how much time and energy I've put into it. I mean, I write every day. I'm writing now, on Saturday, because it doesn't feel like work to me, it's just...who I am. Must mean I don't have talent. But can I stop writing? Should I? Not for a living maybe (I'm not doing that, not even close) but as a hobby, --no, it's too intense for a word as wimpy as "hobby"-- an outlet for what I can't express in any other way. The way I see the world, as it could be, should be, or is in an alternate universe...there's darkness, twining, twisting through everything, even the light is shadowed, but there's true light, true goodness, even in the darkest places...I'm rambling but who cares no one reads this I just need to talk about this to myself since I have no one to talk to...write about writing haha when I should be writing but writing is...not really going well... I mean, no one's reading my stories, I'm not getting reviews to know how I can improve, I'm just screaming in the silence like usual. Like with everything, me, a nonperson who doesn't have what most call "a life". I don't want to be normal--I want to be extraordinary not below-average. I mean, I want to be good at something to make up for my failings in other areas.

I want to be good at the thing I love most, the thing that's closest to my heart, that I've been pouring myself into for years--but I have nothing to show for it other than a jumble of words that mean nothing to anyone other than me.


Well Chapter 19 up. Fitting that we have about 20 chapters till everything in Fralenn's life changes. I mean, this is the real start of the rest of her journey...well, every pivotal event is a start in a way. Perhaps the most pivotal event, what we're waiting for, is yet to come... the pinnacle of her journey, and its end, is far in the future.

I wrote the rest of Chapter 19 most of the day yesterday, when I could, till the evening. I've been thinking about this event for a long time. Everything in the first section has been leading up to this. I may have rushed it a bit...wanted to get it up and see people's reaction...

perhaps this is too long for fictionpress or the first part too drawn out?

it was setting things up because this IS going to be a long story. This is the first book in a trilogy. And I've got ideas for more books in different storylines, focus on different characters...


I'm wondering if I made a misstep or something, There are fewer viewers of this story. And not many reviews. Is this story any good? Are there huge errors? Should I do something different or stop it altogether?


Chapter 16 will be a pivotal chapter. Like the landing of the skyships, it will set in motion what happens through the whole rest of the story. Or trilogy. Then, soon after, will be an even more pivotal chapter which creates a whole new situation. No more spoilers than that! I wonder if anyone can guess what will happen based on what's happened so far?


I'm taking stock of where I am right now since I needed to figure out just how to proceed anyway. I know where it's going I just need transition to it and to figure out some of the details.

Today I needed to know just when and why Fralenn left the Magic Academy so I could know how dangerous it was to go to with the traders to Chokehold. And I ended up looking at Fralenn's word doc and going down to the place where I had character questions I hadn't filled out yet. I need to know as much as possible about my main character so I filled those out.

I've already found mistakes looking back at my story--inconsistencies--and so I want to do this right going forward.


I'm working on the next chapter, but I can't write it till I figure out more of Fralenn's past. I didn't even have her lineage mapped out before, just that she's part of nobility. So that's what I did all morning instead of writing. Went back to the history of Ardaynenn to see who she's related to. How close her claim to the throne would be, which is impossible with Mordeth ruling now.


Posted Chapter 11. That's the last that I've written. I maybe have too long of a chapter but the place where I was going to break it into another chapter didn't seem to work without me writing a transition that seemed contrived.

The whole last few chapters were really a transition--perhaps I'll find I don't need it but as of right now I needed to work through that in order to have a foundation for what happens next. I've got tons of notes for the next few chapters because it's crucial what happens for the whole story--and sequels to come. (depending on if I finish this one. No, when! I will finish it --I'm just not going to rush it so I dwell on the important parts and make them work so this story has a chance of being worth writing--it is worth it, I like writing it, but I've had so many false starts in the past I can hardly trust my writing ability anymore.)


I'm posting a bunch of chapters one after the other because I wrote ahead. I had to figure out what was happening next, how it was happening; it was kind of a transition from the first part to the next part and I didn't have it visualized. But I did learn things about the characters and scenes sprang on me I had no idea about before--but clicked with what will happen in the future. Sometimes spontaneous scenes end up being just as crucial as the "planned" ones (I used the word planned loosely because I only have vague ideas of what will happen and even then it's open for change if something else is better. I just have to watch to make sure the story makes sense as a whole. As long as it helps the story work better, it doesn't matter how it came about).

I want to put these up partly for my own benefit so I can see how the story's progressing and I have easy access to the chapters. I don't have many more chapters written so when I post these I won't be able to post another till I write it. It may take a day, or a week (hopefully not more than that). Depends on how fast I write, how much time I have to write, and how easily I can figure out what's happening next.


Whew! The logistics of this trade deal is more complicated than I thought. But of course it would be like this in that day and age, especially with a culture with little stock in currency.


Justice Lost

Chapter 14 up. The End.


12 and 13 are up! Yes I do like cliffhangers. When I'm reading them too. As long as the author finishes the story. Which I intend to do. Only one more...


Chapter 11 up. Tell me what you think! I will probably go back and fix it after they are all posted. But right now I'm forging ahead with another story...


Finished the story! Went ahead and wrote it and will post it when I fix the chapters. can't believe I got it done by the deadline.


Chapter 10 up. I need to work on this faster if I want to be done in two days. ;)


Chapter 9 up. I am never too sure about the chapters, but I wanted to post one since it's been a while since a new chapter.


Chapter 8 up.

I figured I should post the next chapter since it's been a while. I think I see how to proceed with this story. Well, I did before, it's just that I didn't see how to get there from here. My goal is to get done with this story by the end of the month. We will see.


Chapter 7.

Took me a while to get through this chapter. Trying to transition from the earlier chapters to the rest of the story, which will start to get more complex...


Chapter 6 up...

Jet is about 20 years old. However, the Royal Marches have a hybrid ancestry that gives them longevity of about 1000 years, though it's not exactly proportional to our lifespan--it doesn't mean he's the equivalent of a two year old. :) After they mature, their growth slows, so before and during adolescence are roughly equivalent to us. Also, Jet is the youngest and has been more sheltered than his siblings, so he lacks the self-esteem and confidence that they had at their age. Partly because his father mostly ignored him because he was always smaller than the others, and he didn't see much potential in him. Until she went insane 3 years ago, his mother basically raised him and kept him from doing more dangerous things (which didn't stop him from pushing his boundaries--like with flying).


Chapter 5 is up.

I dread the next chapter because I do not want bad things to happen to Jet because I like him. But fiction is made out of conflict... Bad things can be the catalyst for changes that need to happen for a person to move forward.


posted chapter 4.

I am thinking that the background with Con (the Conglomerate) may be more interesting than what I am writing. But my idea overall is to have a series of stories, with the common thread being the war/cold war between Mag City (City Magnificent) and the Conglomerate. An integral part of Jet's life. (Justice Blade March)

Even his name, and his siblings' names, reflect the war that has been going on ever since the two worlds discovered each other. His sisters are called Glorious Victory and Violet Fury. His brother is Steel Resolve. Each reflect what was happening in the war when they were born. Justice is the youngest. He's about 20. But their years are not necessarily equivalent to ours.

Captive Magic:


I am a little stuck on this one. But I really want to continue it. I'm just not sure how to make it the best that it can be.


Posted Chapter 3.


Finished but I need to post the typed portions and type the non-typed portions.Tell me what you think!

Northern War:

I started this ages ago and it went a different direction than i think it should go. I must've been really depressed back then considering the dark tone of the story. I do like dark, but only if there is at least a spark of light to redeem it.

Blue Moon

May or may not get anywhere with this. Tell me what you think!

Wizards and Tyrants


12/1/12 Story is now complete. I may at some point go back and edit, but it's probably best if I let it sit a while and go on to other projects, so it will be fresh when I look at it again. Feel free to comment or question though--I will incorporate things I learn in future drafts.

But for now, on to the next story!

11/14: I am writing the last chapters. I am trying to write the final chapters first and then post them so there are no inconsistencies. That way, after a gap in posting, there will be several chapters posted soon after each other. That's my plan at least.

11/5: I have finally gotten a new computer, and installed MS Office on it. Now I can actually type documents! Including stories!

I just revised Chapter 16 some, because I realized that in Silverwood Forest, it'd be very hard to practice conventional magic, especially for a beginner. Can't believe I missed that! Sometimes writers can be too close to their work. Or something. Anyway, it pays to re-read and edit. Other people can also catch mistakes- in the future, I hope I catch them before you do! :)

11/1/12: I just posted a new chapter, which is rather long to make up for the wait. I may be getting a new computer tonight. I may be able to make do with an iPad, but it is kind of a pain. You can't do everything with it, I'm figuring out.


My computer crashed on me, and may be permanently dead. Right now all I have is my iPad. I am working on the story, but it may take a while since I'll probably have to get a new computer to get much done.

I've been stuck in the middle of it for a while, but recent reviews and followers have encouraged me to try to finish it. Suggestions are always appreciated, as are specific reviews in which you tell me why you like something.

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