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Bonjour! Konnichiwa! Salve! Guten Tag! Hola! Yo! Hiya! Wassup?

My name is none of y'all's buisness, it's more than enough that you know I exist. This is also why I refuse to tell you where I live; it is none of your concern, and you don't need to know. I am a great lover of anime who is obsessed with writing fics and stories (even though I call everything fics out of habit). I have an account on fanfiction.net, and I plan on having many stories both here and there. (If you wanna check it out, my penname is IrisJean). I plan on becoming a writer, and I hope to go far, and it seems that I have enough promise and potential to--hopefully--do just that. The ideas overflowing in my head need an outlet, and this is just one of them. (I wish I had more...)

My element is primarily ice and water for it's cool yet harsh qualities. Water can be anything, and that's me. I am multi-layered and hard to understand. I have four main personalities, and many sub-selves. I am hard to understand and comprehend, especially to my...normal (blech) peers. People may think they know me, but all they know are lies and delusions, and little bits and pieces of the truth. No one knows my inner self, not even me. I confuse myself often (who else could?) and I'm not sure if anyone will ever be able to really know me, y'know? (That's partially my fault, but it's purposeful--most of the time).

I am also a firm believer in the fact that everyone should have at least three levels to themselves, as in several personalities--at least three. More is better, as I prove. That is why I have four main me's and many MANY seperate levels for each of them. My main four are Madeline, Iris Jean, Mira and Angela, and (in and of themselves) they are very complex and hard to explain. I could write an entire novel and still leave stuff out.

Although I am strange, I am not distant or gothic. I am not all that anti-social, although I hate people--humans, the "normal" ones, all of them. My mom calls me goth, buts that's because I love the color black, weara lot of black and feel comfortable in the most awesome color. I have more friends, more than ever before, and many more at least good accquainatnces, although I am far from being anywhere near popular. We are the outcasts, the punks, the goths, the anime freaks. I like being individual, even if its with my friends. I am hated less, but I hate the same, because some people deserve such feelings. You know what I mean. (Apparently I have a "hit list". Huh?!)

I also love cats of all types. I also love dogs, snakes, serpents, dragons, mythical beasts and a large variety of animals (I want to be a zoologist as well as an author). But cats will forever be my favorites--always have been, always will be. Tigers, panthers, jaguars, leopards, lions, lynxes, pumas, ocelots, bobcats, housecats, tomcats, feral felines and so forth. (The list goes on and on).

~That would finish explaining TigerBlizzard, dontcha think? Ice and water, and cats...no da!~

(I decided to change my penname from TigerBlizzard to TigerBlizzardMidoriko because Midoriko is an awesome name--one of my favorites,which I oftenuse for myself--and I love it sooooo much. There are far too few up in here, and this name represents me well. Rose of Battle understands this above all others, don't ya? Midoriko is too cool for you...humans...so I must use it because it is so awesome and it must be purified. IT IS MINE AND I LOVE IT! She is also one of my personalities under Madeline--although there's some Angela thrown in there with a dash of Iris Jean).

Now I have more to add. Although I love TigerBlizzard as a penname, and TigerBlizzardMidoriko, and TigerBlizzardMidorikoHanajima, I am going to continue to change it around, and often. Why? Because I can. And I will change back as well, but it will be altered at my will. I am still TigerBlizzard and all of those other names, along with many more, but I have so many parts of myself that it can't remain just any one thing--for right now, anyway. The following are reasonings for pennames I have used and are using, explained as it changes.

YayoiSouma:ZodiacMistress - Yayoi, awesome name, one of mine, my Nightwalker self; Souma, Sohma, Hatsuharu's last name, therefore to be used by me; Zodiac Mistress, Fruit's Basket, the zodiac rules, all of that jazz. Yayoi Souma is my yaoi/yuri/lemon personality, which is parallel to Just Dawned On Me's Yuriko Kudo. I love the name, and I am now obsessed with yaois and the like, thanks to Yuriko! (We have many parallels and are very similar).

(And now I have added even more--don't worry, there will be no more adding, for I am only one character away from the limit. One of my favorite anime characters is Saki Hanajima, from Fruit's Basket, and although I am more like Arisa Uotani, I decided to add Hanajima on there--she plus Uo are really a lot like Midoriko and Madeline, I must say, them being so similar and all. Go TigerBlizzardMidorikoHanajima!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

I hae reverted back to TigerBlizzard because, when it all comes down to it, that's who I am, and I just don't feel like being "more unique" for the moment--I'll change it again soo, though, don't you worry!

I have a nasty temper and I am pretty strong. I hate weakness and want to become evenstronger, and I hope to use the summer to fulfill my goals. I express my feelings through my words, and through my own actions. I am not as violent, or as weak, as I have been in the past, but I am far from happy with being content with who I am now and have become--I want to accomplish more, and I will! I may seem bossy and mean, pushy and loud, bitchy and easy to hate, but underneath that cold exterior, I am just plain old me, and I'm not really all that bad or disagreeable.

I currently have so many stories that it overwhelms me. I may put a lot on, but chances are that I will hardly put any up due to time and fluffing middle school. (That artful substitue for the F-word may seem funny, and go on ahead and laugh, but what it represnts is far from funny, and you don't see me laughing at the aggrivating truth, do you?).

Some of my nicknames include the following: Dia, Blizzard, MadMaddie, Madinator, Diane, Diana, Maddy, Bunny, Bunny-rabbit, Bitch, and Bungee-cord. (The last four are from my mom--sad, I know).

I love all types of music depending on the song, artist and how it sounds. I love rap, hip-hop, rock, classical, and a whole bunch of different things which really do contradict each other. Some favorites would definitely include...

Green Day
Good Charlotte
Linkin Park
Simple Plan
Alanis Morrisette
Cher ("Believe" rocks!)
The Ying-Yang Twins
The Fenwicks
Carbon Leaf

...and many, many, many more. Many of which I don't know the names of. I love music, even though I have no such talents. I love listening to things that sound good, and bad music just makes me pissy, angry and disagreeable--even more than I usually am.

My family annoys me, bugs me, creeps me out, makes me uncomfortable, and causes destructive feelings to rise, threatening to break loose and make me do very, very, very bad things.

One of my greatest loves--besides anime, and my friends, and my writing (most certaintly not in that order)--is the family cat, Orange. He is sweet, sturdy, stupid and an absolute darling. A pudding at heart, in mind and soon to be in body. He has suffered awesome damage and lives on--even stupider than he was to begin with. I love him to death, and I would be sad if anything were to happen to him. I would go ballistic, and no one would be safe.

Japanese Anime rocks. I love many different animes and mangas (and characters from both).

Music is awesome. I love many songs, bands and artists. (Some of them more than others).

My friends are cool. I love them, yet I hate them. (All of us are like that--I'm not even kidding).

My family...I shall refrain from comment about said peoples, lest I get in trouble. (For they are as violent as I!).

Eighth grade formal's come and gone, and it was awesome--me and my friends and a whole ton of fun. Summer is upon us now, and I cannot wait! YAY! LESS THAN ONE WEEK! It doesn't feel like it though, so this excitement is forced, because I should be feeling it, but I'm not...

So many things to say, but I'll save them for my fanfiction account for their content--that is, if I can ever update my bio or even get on it! (I probably won't, so I will be adding more--probably much, much more!).


I started out at least a little normal, although I never fit in. But since I was young I have been steady going downhill (although my mom still refuses to say I'm weird because it'll take a lot to put me at level with her--if only she knew). I got into anime, then anime guys. I have crushes on some celebrities and singers. I am now obsessed with vampires, yaois, yuris and lemons. (My crazy friend--who got me into all of that--is overjoyed and proud). I am crazy, messed-up, weird, scary, freaky and I love how I am! It hasn't been too evident recently, but come next year--when I'm in High School--it all breaks loose (starting with summer) and then nobody will be safe...Mwahahahaha

My Mission: Scare Everybody and Spread Insanity throughout this Boring World: Operation US in the U.S.

And that says it all (not really, but whatever).

My birthday came up recently, so now I am 14. I don't feel any different... Ah well! I will change in good time. But for now...

READ AND REVIEW OR DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I have too many to name them all) (not that I could) (I don't know them all myself)

Madeline: Her primary color is blue. Her secondary color is purple. Her collective color is "blurple." Her animal is the tiger. Her element is water/ice. Her specialty is knowledge. Her age is 14 (thier ages are intertwined). Her main aspect is mind. She and Iri are analogs (inter-changable at times). Her season is winter. She is TigerBlizzard. She is the goth (morbid).

Iris Jean: Her primary color is green. Her secondary color is yellow. Her collective color is "grellow." Her animal is the dragon. Her element is earth. Her specialty is wisdom. Her age is 17. Her main aspect is spirit. She and Mira are symbiotes (like sisters--similar but not really the same). Her season is spring. She is EarthDragon. She is the genius (nerd).

Mira: Her primary color is red. Her secondary color is pink. Her collective color is "rink." Her animal is the phoenix. Her element is fire. Her specialty is experience. Her age is 20. Her main aspect is soul. She and Angela are analogs (interchangable at times). Her season is summer. She is FirePhoenix. She is the pervert (flirt).

Angela: Her primary color is black. Her seconday color is white. Her collective color is gray. Her animal is the wolf. Her element is wind. Her specialty is strength. Her age is 23. Her main aspect is body. She and Maddy are symbiotes (like sisters--similar but not really the same). Her season is autumn. She is WolfHurricane. She is the punk (badass).

Any questions, just ask me. You know who to call.

My Stories (Which I Love)

The Ever-Lasting War: Ris And Jimmy, two eigth grade GIRLS, are confronted with the task of their lives.

Rose Fox: Lyn, Korrin and Kassandra find each other, and see possible salvation.

From Hate To Love And Back Again: Kyoko's past, present and future looks bleak, and just keeps getting bleaker.

Pain Is Scary: The group that is here is more powerful than most any other concentration--including that of gods.

The Life That Is Mine: Maxine's life is strange, messed-up, scary, different and complicated beyond all reason.

Twins of Mayhem: These sisters got a lot going for them in more than one way, and nothings gonna stop them.

More to Come:

Moon Goddesses:

The Vampire's Assistant:


Shonen-Ai: Boy Love; clean boy/boy relationships in stories

Shojo-Ai: Girl Love; clean girl/girl relationships in stories

~"Clean" as in not "Yaoi/Yuri"--as in void of sexual content~

Yaoi: boy/boy relationships with Lemon (or Lime); not-so-clean love

Yuri: girl/girl relationships with Lemon (or Lime); not-so-clean love

~"Not-so-clean" as in "Lemons" and "Limes"--as in has at least some sexual content~

Lemon: slight sexual content (gay or straight)

Lime: more descriptive/major sexual content (gay or straight)

JUST SO YA KNOW: I will only be on the internet once a week because I now have a computer in my room (without internet) and since my dad doesn't like to share the computer (which is why I got mine) I will be on rarely to check email, talk a bit and update crap (hopefully). I will probably download several chapters and instruct friends to update stuff. Anyway, that's how it is, so ah well.

Also, I have a new email address, and with that comes new FF and FP accounts. I haven't updated in a while, and I am sorry. I want to...but even though I have so much computer time as of late...I'M SO DAMN LAZY! It's all Maddy's Block's fault...

News Flash! I am on at least two hours a day now, and on days like this 4, but it won't last. Once baseball season starts, NO COMPUTER TIME! But, I feel unmotivated to write and update 'cause I suck, so nothing shall change...Then again, these comments are just me talking to myself, so who cares? LOL.

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