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My name is Tanja, I’m from Massachusetts, and I’m eighteen years old. Originally, I am from Serbia, but have resided in the US for 13 years.

My interests include: surfing the net, talking on the phone, listening to heavy metal/hard rock music, writing messed up horror stories, watching bloody horror movies, and much more.

My favorite movies so far are “Saw 1-3” and “Hostel 1-2.”

My favorite bands are under ground bands, and “In Flames” “Korn” “Seether” “Disturbed” “Marilyn Manson” and lots more.

My favorite books are horror, vampire romances, psycho stalker thrillers, and science fiction.

My favorite writers are Stephen King, Dean Koontze, J K Rouling, and John Saul.

My favorite radio production is “Afterhell” and any other horror radio plays.

If I could be any made up creature, I would love to be a vampire. This is because I’m infatuated with the idea of sucking blood to survive through an endless nightly existence. Ann rice is another favorite of mine.

Favorite books: “The Dark Tower Series” “Harry Potter Series” “It” “The Shining” “The Silver Kiss” “Cell” “Desperation” “The Hidden Series” “Don’t Blame the Music” “The unseen series” “Intensity” “Midnight” “The Mask” “Dracula” “The Vampire Chronicles” “Nightshade” “Cold Fire” “The Carpathian series” etc

I love radio productions as well.

Movies I like-“The Ring” “The Ring 2” “Lord of the Rings all three” “Gladiator” “Troy” “The Sixth Sense” “Hostel” Saw1-3” “White Noise” “The Fog 70’s version” “Halloween” “Ransom” “At the Mercy of a Stranger” “13 Ghosts” “The Phantom of the Opera (newest)” “The Stand miniseries” “The Shining Miniseries” “The Mummy 1-2” “Kerrie” “Salem’s Lot” “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2003” “The Amityville Horror Newest version” “Meet the Fockers” “My Bit Fat Greek Wedding” “Mrs. Doubtfire” “Scream” “Scary Movie” “The Exorcist” “It” “Storm of the Century” “Interview With the Vampire” “Queen of the Dammed” “Harry Potter all” “The Sphere” “The Green Mile” “Dracula newest” There are many others, but I can’t think of them right now.

In my spare time, I make radio productions. I love sound engineering, and I’m looking for great play ideas, and voice actors. If any of that interests you, please visit my blog at:

I usually don’t post much of my work in progress, because I don’t like people reading some of that crap. It plain sounds bad, and I don’t post it until

I’m perfectly certain it makes sense to the reader, and sounds at least semiprofessional. Some of it sounds like trash, and I don’t want to post it, unless it is completely finished. I hope you enjoy what’s up there. If you want, feel free and contact me. Gothic teen at your service! Haha!

Just Joking. I don’t like labels.

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Clarity: Aristocracy of the night by RedRumMurder reviews
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Psyche is strange but that’s what makes her beautiful. Some say that she has lost herself. Other’s say that she’s just shy. Whatever it is, no one knows. But she found herself, once upon a time, in a boy. And when he left, he took the magic with him.
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Fork by Mria reviews
The Harmless Murderer.
Poetry: General - Rated: T - English - Poetry/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 203 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 1 - Published: 10/24/2003 - Complete
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You Should Have Sold The Car!
This is a play involving two teens trying to elope together. They want to get married despite their family's wishes. There are deaths involved. Better off just reading. Please R and R.
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Will high school give her a chance to finally make more than one friend? Will she finally get in to a relationship? But even when Molly does find a group of three to hand out, nightmarish things begin to happen to her and her friends inside the “Haunted’
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