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(0) (0)Hi everybody! Just call me Biene (Beeneh). If you want to add me on MSN please ask for my permission first, okay? .


I come from South Africa, Umtata. I totally adore my country! I currently live in Austria btw (I dont like this place, but I'm leaving soon--dec.15-).

Gender female

Age -15

B/Day (VERY important. Keep the presents coming!) - 24 January

Height -1.63meters (I think that is 5'5ft--maybe I got a lil talller, not sure)

Status -SINGLE and not lookin. Ba, ba, ba, bah I'm luvin it.

GradeSOPHOMORE--hoping to skip 10th grade and be a JUNIOR. (I did not fail. In S.A our term starts in Jan-Dec, and I went to Austria in June, so I was halfway done, so I had to repeat my 5th grade. )

Character -WEIRD, hyper, fun, adventerous/spontaneous, CRAZY, moody, impatient, etc.

How long have I been writing?

I started writing 2 years ago, when I was 13. It all started with me liking to read and I eventually formed my own stories.


I do believe in the existence of a God, but I do not really set that into practice. Basically, me and religion are two different things. I'm tryin to understand god, but it's a process-kay?


I love watching movies, dancing and hanging out with friends! I enjoy sports more than anything else. I love volleyball, soccer, basketball, ping pong, tennis, field-hockey and skating- just anything tht keeps me active! I LOVE trying new things! LOVE COMICS AND WATCHING TV! Sad movies make me cry. Waah.


I am a VERY confident person. I believe in hard work and later receiving a reward. I am also an optimistic person, but there are times where I complain. Who doesn't complain???

I HATE BEING LIED TO! Keep quiet if you have nothing true to say!


Yum! Seafood, junk food (sigh), SOUTH AFRICAN dishes^^, Indian, Mexican and Sushi.


I really am an ambitious kid. Many say so! I would love to be an astronaut, own a restaurant, be a part-time author . Does that work? I wanted to be a CIA, because of action movies! I also want to learn how to play an instrument.

Movies: I luv movies, but I have not had the chance to watch lots of them. I like


A Beautiful Mind

Meet the Parents


Shrek 1 &2


How to lose a guy in ten days

Austin Powers (All of em)



Stepford Wives

Pirates of the Carribean 1&2

Moulin Rouge


White Chicks

Scary movie 1-3

The Ring 1 & 2

Sweet Home Alabama

What lies beneath


The Last Samurai

The Village


Beauty Shop

Mission Impossible 1-3


Passion of Christ

Date Movie


Blade 1-3

--the list is ENDLESS!

Tv Shows:

RAW & Smackdown (4 some strange reason, I just love wrestling.)




The Parkers

O.C Carlifonia

Dave Chapelle

Viva La Bam

Wild Zone

Desperate Housewives

Talk shows

Grey's Anatomy


Spongebob Squarepants! (WhooHoo)

The Simpsons (Go Homer! Go Homer)

Teen Titans

Free for all

South Park (Mr. Hanky the christmas poop!)

Anime and Manga forever!

What type of music I like:I am not that picky about what I listen to. I like the following: Hip Hop, Rock, Reggaeton, R&B, and anything else that is good--hate county and jazz.

MY favorite artists:

Alicia Keys



Destiny's Child



My Chemical Romance

System of a down

Linkin Park


Limp Bizkit (rebels)



50 Cent


Joss Stone

Sean Paul








--this is just the beginning!

Books:Thats how I developed an interest for writing! I enjoy the Three Series of Joseph. The Proposal. True Devotion. Lemony Snicket books. Roald Dahl series(I just love the guy!) . I love the book: Covenant Child, Terri. If you want to cry, read that book

FAV actress: Nicole Kidman, Halle Berry, Kate Winslet, Reese Witherspoon, Jodie Foster, Angelina Jolie, Kate Hudson

FAV actor: Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, Russel Crowe, Viggo Mortenson (he was gud in LOTR), Jacques Phoenix, Wesley Snipe (Blade!), Mike Myers

FAV Authors: So far Angella Elwell Hunt is my favourite. Oh! And Edgar Allen Poe...tht guy rox!

My favourite quote: Character is ethics in action.

Ps- I am sure we are all aware of the fact that there is "constructive and destructive" criticism. I always try and put myself in other people's shoes and ask myself "Would I like it if people told me I suck and that its not worth it?" No. So please be constructive, not destructive.

There are so many other cool writers out there! You are probably wondering why I stopped the whole list, well I stopped bcz there are so many good writers out there! It would be hard making a list of over ten thousand writers. lol, you know what I mean?

It's such a wonderful experience to being able to read and write!! Thank you so much!



There have been so many people here at fiction press that have helped me with so much! I feel honored to have had this opportunity to write my own stories and read fantastic and eloquently written pieces of work. I came here to learn, and the writers here at fiction press have nurtured me, in my thinking, my writing and just state of mind. Thank you so much for being supportive. It really means a lot to me! You guys are the best!!!!


Deleted somethings...sry.
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