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My sincere apologies for the stories that have been discontinued.

Theft is a large problem which I do not want to deal with anymore and I find that for the time being, it would be best if I kept my ideas to myself and not on a platter for thieves. I am grieved I will not be posting my writing anymore but for those of you who are dissapointed you will not know the end to some of my stories, don't fear!

For those of you whom were interesed in "Arcanum of Time," keep your eyes open. I'm working on getting this one to the big screen.

As for those of you whom were interested in "Project 37," I will one day publish my stories and they will be legally protected. Look for this novel in the future, I will not change the tittle! Though some names and events may be altered through editting. I won't give away any spoilers, but since I was not able to get far enough into the novel to let the real romantic relationship begin, I'm sure some of you guessed it would be between Terrance and Onah - Ha! Who could resist Sedarion, I know that I couldn't. ;) I know she's only 15...and he's a lot older, but that's just the way my mind works. One day when you read the novel, you can find it more believable.

So far well! And don't worry, I have not stopped writting, you'll just have to look for more of my stories in the future in black and white print on pages. ^_^

Ja ne~