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My name is Jado the Shadow, interesting story on how that name came to be. Jado is a horrid misspelling of my real name (Jodi) that appeared in my first competion playbill. Since then, the name has kinda stuck. The Shadow was added by a member of the cast when we were arguing how to pronounce. I like this name much better then my original nickname- Misery or That Girl from Misery, for my director thought I was insane.

Now, for as long as I could remember, I have had a gift for storytelling and makebelieve, along with a great love of literature. Naturally with those talents, I wanted to be a doctor. I nursed that dream for fifteen years, until I realized that I would never be happy being that. Next I wanted to be a history professor. All this time I was being encouraged to pursue drama by everyone in my life. Finally I looked into my heart and discovered what I truly wanted to do. I wanted to write. I had let reality try and dictate my goals, but in the end I decided on being a writer, with a masters in library science just in case.

Now, I do a combination of stories. Many, and my most famous, are fantasy slash. The rest are also fantasy related normally, but are het and involve around dark headed girls. I am tired of using blonde girls as the standard of beauty, so I chose dark hair and light skin. Other then that I have no idea what I am currently writing. Updates and slow and spardic. When I feel like writting I write, when I don't I don't. Sadly I need to get over this, but keep in time I do work part time, babysit my nephew, and go to school full time, and I will probably be using this excuse even in the summer when I have time but have block. Okay, on to the stories.

Current Stories

Compagnons D'Âme: 5/22 chapters complete. The French will be the death of me. Chapter 6 is in the planning phases. I know where it is going and will in a later chapter finally explain the title. And again, I don't actually speak French.

Dangers of the Dark: 4/20 chapters completed. Chapter 5 in the works, but it has had over eighty false starts so far.

Enchanted Love: 0/?? chapters completed. I did just put up the prologue, so go read and enjoy.

Forest Heart: 0/19 chapters completed. Yeah, I like this story and am working on Chapter One.

The Journey of the White Rose: 0/?? chapters completed. Like with Heart, I know where I want to go with the first chapter, but after that nada.

Juliet: 2/21 chapters completed. Chapter three was finished, when I erased it because I didn't like it. I will erase an entire story if I don't like it.

Nature's Magic: 4/?? chapters completed. Chapter Five will come when I finally figure out what to do with the rest of the story. Really, I am clueless with where it is going.

Once Upon a Time...: 1/13 stories completed. The second story is in the works. The may end up my first finished long term project

Portrait of Heart's Desire: 0/?? chapters competed. I have like an idea where the first chapter is going, but nothing after that.

Stories in the Process for this Site

Moonbeam and Starshine: Summary-Evageline and Annaliese Drake love their mother's fairy tales, especially the ones that she seems to make up on the stop. When learning that their mother's stories may not be so fictional, they embark on a journey to discover why their mother never speaks of her childhood, what really happened to their father, and how the greatest magic comes from the heart. Won't be coming for awhile.

Moonless Night: Summary- Chang Yue is the illigemate of a Chinese inspired/like lord and his half Chinese/half English concubine that he swore to marry. Before even knowing of Yue's conception, he leaves for a war campagne lasting of fifteen years. Yue, a beautiful and lovable child is left in the care of her beautiful and sad mother that raises her daughter with a depressive whime. Her three maternal uncles are too busy running the province to care, look at, or even write to her father about the girl. The servants care nothing about an illigemate daughter, and grudgingly feed and cloth her. Yue's live is then dedicated to becoming the next Lady Chang, to prove her worth to those that have forgotten her.When her father finally returns, he is married to a wife that is unable to produce a child, and Yue is forbidden to admit she is his daughter. After a competition for the lordship amongst Yue and other males, she is over passed for her cold and hard heart. Not taking this lightly, Yue has plans of her own... 15 chapters all together.

Phoenix: Summary- In the year 2025, the border between the Dae-mon world and ours broke. Since then, the border has been guarded like any other, allowing only a certain amount of Dae-mon( only visible difference between Dae-mon and humans are that Dae-mon's all have red eyes) immigrants (mainly the numerous concubines and daughters of concubines along with a few poorer families) in. Due to the excessive amounts of border hoppers, the government has started the Dae-mon Patorl to seek out and send back all the illigeal Dae-mons (mainly due to their psychic powers). But when the border starts become weaker in certain areas, the hellish beast of the Dae-mon world start to run amok. So an office inside the Dae-mon Patrol, the Guardians, headed by a legal Dae-mon immigrant, Commander Lily. The Guardians consist of five teams, with the famous Red Team lead by Chase Kyles, a formidable fighter and stragest. The team consist of Cynthia Jones, a young and happy medic, Seth Adams, a strong and silent type with a like for the wild side, Lee Green, an uptight swordsman, and Falcon's Eye, son of a Dae-Mon ambassador whose gift is of speed. The story begins when the Red Team must stop a recently escaped upper level Dae-mon, the High Princess Phoenix daughter of the Highest King Dragon, who has run away from her home for unknown reasons. After a battle, she is brought in, but instead of being sent home, is given a spot on the Red Team. Can the team put up with her, and she them? Is there something more to Phoenix and the truth of the Dae-mon world that noone actually knows about?

Stories for only Adultfanfiction.net (besides all lemon scenes)

Harem: Summary- In a land where slavery exisit. While the men, women, and children are labor slaves, the boys from thirteen to thirty are pleasure slaves. When a poor family is sold into slavery to pay their debts, their three sixteen year old sons become the harem of the crown prince. Follow their journey in the land of sinful pleasure as they are trained in the arts by a warm loving prince, his lecherous father, and the slave mistress who cares for nothing. Major slash and lemons. Chapter One in progress.

Other Archieves

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All other stories are abandoned/"on hold until further notice" or finished.

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