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Ten Facts About Me:

one) "I take time out of reading to have a life." -My friend about me

two) Two hours of my time = One original sentence

three) I daydream about maps...

four) After long observation, I have proudly concluded that I am a Hufflepuff at heart.

five) I have a tendency to squeal "Severus Snape" whenever I get enthusiastic over sliced bread.

six) There are thirty-two signatures in my yearbook.

seven) I am big enough of a geek to count them.

eight) I have been the object of numerous makeover fantasies.

nine) I WILL NEVER SURRENDER! (even though I have fantasies of surrendering... shhhhhh)

ten) My favorite color is green.

My Favorite Classics! (no order):

Jane Eyre (and) Villette... by Charlotte Bronte;

Cyrano de Bergerac... by Edmond Rostand;

The Great Gatsby... by Fitzgerald;

Northanger Abbey (and) Mansfield Park... by Jane Austen;

The Jungle... by Sinclaire Lewis;

Hans Christian Andersen;

Oscar Wilde;

The Glass Menagerie... by Tennessee Williams;

Roald Dahl;

The Stranger... by Albert Camus;

And Then There Were None... by Agatha Christie;

The Princess Bride... by William Goldman;

My Favorite Romance Novels! (no order):

Theresa Medeiros;

McNaught (I loved Perfect!);

some Sparks;

The Bridgerton series... by Julia Quinn;

A Knight In Shining Armor... by Jude Deveraux;

Hot Shot... by Susan Elizabeth Phillips;

Ashes In The Wind... by Woodiwiss;

The Devil's Heiress (and) Hazard... by Jo Beverly;

My Favorite Fantasy and Young Adult Novels! (no order):

The Harry Potter series... by J.K. Rowling;

The Seventh Tower series... by Garth Nix;

Sirena... by Napoli;

Walk Two Moons... by Sharon Creech;

Two Moons in August... by Martha Brooks;

Ender's Game... by Orson Scott Card;

Hidden Talents... by David Lubar;

Everworld... by Applegate;

The Chrestomanci Quartet (and) Howl's Moving Castle... by Diana Wynne Jones;

Sir Apropos of Nothing... by Peter David;

The Sevenwaters Trilogy... by Juliet Marillier;

Neverwhere... by Neil Gaiman;

The Likes Of Me... by Randall Beth Platt;

Dune... Frank Herbert;

Favorite Novels Which Cannot Be Categorized Into Any Of The Above Categories:

The Hangwoman... by Kohout;

The Kite Runner... by Khaled Hosseini

Movies I can Watch over and over:


You've Got Mail

The Pagemaster

The Hours

Roman Holiday

Pride and Prejudice (5-6 hr. BBC version)


The Mummy

Napolean Dynamite

The Family Stone

Thoroughly Modern Millie (w/ Julie Andrews)

Red Eye

10 Things I Hate About You

She's All That

Benny and Joon

Dirty Dancing

Boondock Saints

Hot Men (oh yeah):

Johnny Depp

James Madison (the president in his younger years)

Heath Ledger

Severus Snape

Ronald Weasley

Cillian Murphy

Mr. Rochester

Hyuuga Neji

(my friends think I have an obsession for evil guys just b/c I love Snape. But he is not evil, so that just tears their theory to pieces.)

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Unwell by innocence maintained reviews
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My Name reviews
Bit experimental. What happened when I got my name.
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