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Welcome To My Lovely Abode!

...And now we return you to your regular programing...

Hi, well, this is interesting to say the least...

I'd just like to state, before people think I'm nuts, which I'm not, that well..My stories are off kilter, to say the very least.I have a warped mind, and I like it, but if you have a problem with anything above PG13, you shouldn't be reading what I write...x_x

Ummm lets see...

Holy crap.. so... I'm 25. I've not update in eons, and for that, I'm truly sorry -especially for those who like to read what I've written!-

I've actually started to get my muse back. It went away and was hiding from me in the dark recesses of my mind, but I believe we've come to a compromise.

In other words... I've started new stories! Ones I hope to put online soon! Also I'm going to be taking down the stories I have up, and re-writing them. Please don't worry, I will make sure chapters pop back up with regularity. All this will start taking place in June after I move back to Canada.

Hope you haven't lost your faith in me!

All my stories are ideas...that usually hit me at the oddest times. So if something doesn't really make any sense. Just point it out..I'm all open for that. Thanks!

MAY 21 2012

Holy crap... its been ages since I've updated... SORRY!!!!

But... I'm still looking... sooo...


On Hold Or Complete

One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Tabloid (ON HOLD)
Lizzy was moving along just fine, didn't have a worry unless you counted rent and what to wear out clubbing or making sure she got to work on time.
No she had nothing to really worry about. That was until she went to a football match in Edinburgh only to meet up with one of Footballs hunks, and not even know it! Now she's getting hounded by the press, is secretly hoping something more comes out of it, and all the while trying not to look like some random money moocher! Poor girl, she came to Scotland to get a 'scottish experience' but this was more than she barganed for!

Skeptics and True Believers: Chapter 9... and holding

Shadowed Truth: Locked up in the dark recesses of my mind...for now.

More Than A Heartbeat - On Pause for now until I can uncloud my mind!

Mysterious Ways - Holy Shiznat! Complete! -added on an authors note though!-

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Mysterious Ways reviews
-Complete- Tempest isn't your average highschool girl. She doesn't follow the incrowd. Hell, she's an outcast! But when enemies seek the help of each other anything is possible, maybe even love. -New Authors Note As Last Update-
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Lizzy was moving along just fine, didn't have a worry unless you counted rent and what to wear out clubbing or making sure she got to work on time. No she had nothing to really worry about...right? ... Full Summary On Profile and Inside!
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Hi, I'm Ailish, and I liked being invisible. Sure now and then you get sat on, or someone makes fun of you, or beats on you, because people are cruel, well really just these two guys... But no, The Maniac's Rising just HAD to notice me... Blast it all...
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