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If I could change your life

And take away the pain

I wouldn't do a thing

Cause you might not be the same

That's just a quick little poem-ish thing that I thought of one night. My friends seemed to like it, and, since its not enough to call a poem I figured that I'd put it here. Anyways, to my profile...

Name: As to not mention it online, call me M.C., Or UO... Eh heh.
Age: Well, since I don't mind if people online know my age, I am fourteen.
Gender: Female! Woo!
Location: Hmm... Would my room count as an answer?
Hobbies: Writing is my passion. I also love to draw. I love all animals, and I love to Roleplay (online story making, kinda thing) Reading is another one...
Favorite Songs: Mostly anything from Evanescence... I do like this new song... curses, I do not know its name...
Favorite Movies: Pirates of the Caribbean is the all-time best movie in the world. I love Lord of the Rings as well, and the Harry Potter seriese, though they did kind of ruin the books... (Excelent job on Severus, though! ^^)
Favorite Books: I love Harry Potter... Love it. Severus Snape is the best character from them! DO NOT DENY IT! -ahem- I also love His Dark Materials Trilogy, and Artemis Fowl.
Other Info: Okay, I love to write, and I completely understand that I am not the best out there, but I do strive to do the best that I can do. I dislike flamers, because what use is flaming another's work? To make them feel horible? To make yourself feel sickeningly better? I just don't get it. I also have a Fanficiton account. If you're into original characters... look me up. A single story, but not too bad... ^^;

(Note: I've decided to keep a journalish thingy goin' at the end of my profile. I'll update it whenever I can.)

Finished Stories

Good-Bye, Jon (One-Shot)

The Secret of Bloody Mary (One-Shot)

The True Life of a Gay Adolensence (One-Shot)

Leaving Me (Poem)

The Last Rose (One-Shot)

Pending Works

The Divorce (Chapter Story)

Vis Munia (Chapter story, co-writen)

Of Fire and Ice (Chapter Story)


March 10, 2005- Presently, I am sitting, ice on my leg, to try to help a nasty shin splint, and my hair up in a towel... I'm in track, so my writing time has been limited greatly, but I'm still keeping The Divorce going. I believe (though I cannot be quite sure at the moment) that the third chapter to said story is halfway done. I'll have it up as soon as I can. I hope thats okay.

March 17, 2005- Tomorrow is Friday, the day before everyone elses spring break, but mine. Since I'm in track I have to be ready for a meet the next day, cutting a valuable twenty-four hours off of my seven day break... Oh well, the last track trip gave my friend and I the idea to start the new story, Vis Munia. It has a very interesting plot line and build, but I think it's gonna be good. As for The Divorce, I'm almost done with my third chapter. I think it's gonna be another short one, but I'm gonna put it up anyways. Hopefully I'll get more reviews for it, and Vis Munia, which may not be up for a while yet.

April 1, 2005- Oh my gosh! Oblivion wrote a POEM! I am NOT a good poet, so you won't see many of those from me. Anyways, I haven't been writing for a long time, just a lot going on in my life right now. I'll try to get another chapter up in The Divorce as soon as I can. I dunno how long it'll take for Vis Munia, the first chapter is already at least six pages long... eh heh...

April 4, 2005- Well, I just wrote another one-shot, and, no, I haven't been writing on The Divorce, so... yeah. I should really finish the next chapter. I'll do that soon... I think. Anyways! Yeah, still swamped with other things going on in my life, but hey, I'm still goin'!

May 5, 2005- The first chapter of Vis Munia has been finished, though I don't think I'll put it up just yet. The second chapter (written by a friend, edited by me) is in the works, and I will start the third soon. I might make a summary for it and place it here, but that'll be later. As for The Divorce, I haven't written much on it, I guess I've just lost insparation, for the moment at least, but I hope to get it back in the works soon, because, even if people here don't like it, my family does, so... yeah. Anyways, look out for Vis Munia soon, and yes, the name will stay the same.

June 2, 2005- School is out! Gah! Kind of depressing in a good way. No more school--the good way. The bad way, it means only three more years of childhood. Then into the adult world. Anyways, that isn't what you--if anyone reads this--guys want to hear, if you want to hear anything I say at all.Vis Munia is doing rather well. Halfway done with the third chapter. The second one is still in the works. If anyone at all has read The Divorce and wants me to continue, just e-mail me and I'll get to it. At the moment, though, with no one interested in it, I have no reason to continue.

June 5, 2005- Okay... So I lied. I updated The Divorce. My Aunt Guilted me into it. She e-mailed me and said, "I never told you how much I love this story. Have you given up on it or are you writing more?" So... Sadly, I wrote more, for her sake. I hope someone might actually be reading it! That'd be cool... Even if they don't review.

June 24, 2005- Hmm... Well, I was grounded from my computer for a week... so... sadly, not much got done in that time, and I was working on Thorn Rose, a fanfiction of mine, before that. I haven't writen anymore on The Divorce since I updated it... As for Vis Munia, the third chapter is near to finished, and the second... Who knows... My friend is working on that, still, and hasn't finished yet...

June 27, 2005- Well... I doubt that anyone's insane to check this thing every so often, but I'll say it anyways. I'm going on vacation on... the second, I believe, and will not be back until the eighteenth or so... And I have NO computer there... I'll bring a notebook (or four) to keep track on everything that I'm writing, so I should have more when I come back... Yah never know, though...

August 6, 2005- Wow, I just realized, I didn't update all july... Odd... Anyways! I started another story... *sigh* Don't kill me. Its unnamed as of yet, but I like it a lot. Vis Munia is waiting for the second chapter, The Divorce is waiting for me to become more interested, and a new short story, Life is Milkshakes will be up tonight. Thats my story status, have fun!

November 8, 2005- Look! I STILL live, though I doubt anyone is actually going to read this. I don't have much time right now, but, I'll post a newer entry later--BYE!

November 14, 2005- Sorry that I haven't updated in a LONG LONG time. I've been busy since school started and now I'm in a great relationship that is taking up a lot of my time (not that I mind that it is, mind you). Anyways. I've started... ANOTHER... story... This one is called Of Fire and Ice. An interesting story, to say the least, about an ancient race in the modern world. Trust me, a lot better than it sounds.

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