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~The Life of the Raven Mage Pisces~

I really like it here. I'm not totally sure what to put here. But I'll just put a bit about what's happening in my life.

Latest Obsessions:

Horror Films

I love horror films. I love the excitment and scaryness!

Silence of the Lambs- Very interesting. Very well developed and the cast was chose wisely. The whole storyline was compelling and got me hooked. I don't like cannibalism, that bit was a bit sickening, I really want to read the novel by Thomas Harris now, it's probably better. Anthony Hopkins was really good as Hannibal Lector and Jodie Foster was brilliant as Clarice.

The Shining- Very strange, but it really got me watching closely. I was confused a bit at the end but when I understood, I was really happy. The whole story was fancinating, it's amazing how Stanley Kubrick (RIP) can creat such madness and murder from Stephen Kings book ( I want to read that one to, but in the bookstores its expensive and everyone has it out at my local library). Eversince I saw that I really like Jack Nicholson and his acting skills.

The Ring- That scared the hell out of me if I do say myself. The story is creepy and I had my head behind a pillow for three quarters of the movie in case something bad happened. The storyline kept me hooked though, I liked the video scenes ( the upside down spinning chair freaked me out though) and when you saw Samara in the insane asylum was really good. Next stop Ringu 1, 2, The Spiral and the book after that!

Anime and Manga

So many different kinds. I just love them. My collection grows on...

Sailor Moon- Well I've liked this nearly all my life. I like the manga is very good. I have about 8 right now and I'm so proud, I'll have to go and see if there is any I haven't got on Ebay. Naoko Takeuchi is a great writer and artist.

Tokyo Mew Mew- I just recently got issue 1 of the manga in WHSmith a couple of weeks ago. It is the spawn of Sailor Moon slightly but is so cute and some of it is very good. The whole getting mixed up of cat DNA was a good idea.

The Ring- The manga is very good. I bought it from Forbidden Planet a while ago, but I have read it at least 7 time, I just love it, it isn't suspenceful or scary like the film, because I don't get scared by books, but it well illustrated and the plot is good and keeps you hooked and interesting.

Miracle Girls- I got this a while ago as well. I got a bit mixed up at first as the illustrations were hard to understand, but when I understood it was very good. Though the whole swapping wasn't very origional, but the phycic powers and the being able to transport to different places was good.

Hikaru No Go- This was a really good series. I first read it in Shounen Jump, and I was hooked so I went to Forbidden Planet and got a whole issue of it. My sister and me adore it, Fujiwara No Sai is a very interesting character swapping from emotions (serious-hyper-angry) and Hikaru was so funny.

Card Captor Sakura- I just love this series. I think it's so cute and funny, I get a flood of emotions when I read it. It's very interesting and hooking, I just love Tomoyo, though I don't understand what her and Sakura's feelings are, because I haven't got that far at all. But it's very good.


I love music. Any is very dear to me, I love heavy metal and soft love music and of course j-pop (Japanese music)

Marilyn Manson- This is the best band ever. They are not afraid to be themselves, and are loyal to their fans, whatever their haters say. My favourite band member is Twiggy Ramirez (former Bass-guitarist. Left in 2002. Likes to crossdress) and of course Manson himself. I love heavy metal and industrial music myself, but his music is the best. My favourite is The Nobodies (on the Holywood CD). They rock my socks!!!

Green Day- I really like these guys. They are very unique in their ways. They sing about the government and politics and what is going through peoples minds, so they do get through to you in a way. The American Idiot CD was my favourite, having many good songs such as American Idiot, Holiday, When September Ends, She's A Rebel and Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

Sex Pistols- Now this is some good music. With so much meaning as well. Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious are the bomb. This was the age of punk. Even though Sid Vicious (R.I.P) has passed on now. They are still remembered dearly.

Metallica- These are the best. They have the best music, through the years they have still gotten better and better. The Black Album was so good, it lasted for 4 years for tour. Hopefully one day my Uncle is going to take to one of their concerts. They are so good. I cannot express it with words.


I love it. Though I never worry about my diet, however I eat I just grow hungry. Besides I just stay skinny, grr I hate being skinny!!!!!!!!

Cheese- I just love it. There are so much variaties as well. Edam rocks!!!

Pancakes- Just so yummy and gorgeous. I could eat them all day. Very good with syrup, jam, lemon or treacle

Ham and Cheese Pizza- This is the best. Just in one mouthful there are so many flavours. Cheesy crust is good.

Icecream- This is the best. So yummy! It's so cold and refreshing. Many flavours as well so a lot to chose from.

Burger and fries-I sound American, don't I? Well I just love them. Very nice as well, nice and cheap in Mcdonalds as well.

Sunday Roast- This is the best. In England, most people have a Sunday lunch. It's so great, I love chicken, roast spuds and the Yorkshire pudding.

More updates soon!!!!! Remember to R+R my work! It is greatly appreictated! ^_^

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