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Okay, so for anyone who may be bothering to read this, you have my sincerest apologies for the whole crappy-disorganization of my updates on this story. I have NOT abandoned it. I will NEVER abandon it. It WILL be finished. And thankyou to everyone who's been commenting and urging me to continue. See you in October ;)

UPDATES: To find out when I plan on updating my stories try my live journal, I sometimes mention it there and I can never be bothered to keep on changing when I plan to update on my profile.

A few of my favorite things...

Gwen Stefani, No Doubt, Alkaline Trio, Good Charlotte, The Killers, Keane, Coldplay, Foo Fighters,Stevie Wonder, Skindred, Rufus Wainwright, Radiohead, Jewel, Green Day, Avril Lavinge, Marilyn Manson, Ashlee Simpson, Justin Timberlake.

Favorite Movies:
Sixteen Candles, The Goonies, The Lost Boys, Grease 2, The Hot Chick, Meet The Fockers, Austin Powers 1, 2, 3, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Legally Blonde, While You Were Sleeping, Election, Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure, Bill and Teds Bogus Journey, Mrs Doubtfire, A Muppet Christmas Carol, Blade, Scary Movie 2, Dirty Dancing, Ghost, Beaches, The Craft, Hocus Pocus ... the list goes on and on and on...and on!

Favorite Actors: Rob Schneider, Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Luke Wilson, Adam Sandler, Mike Myers.

Favorite Actresses: Reese Witherspoon, Mena Suvari, Rose McGowan, Anna Faris, Sandra Bullock, Bette Midler

Favorite Quotes:

'You think you're so cool just cuz you can pee with your penis!' ~ The Hot Chick

'I had no idea you could milk a cat.'

'Oh yeah, you can milk anything that has nipples.'

'I have nipples Greg, could you milk me?' ~ Meet The Parents

'It was a run by fruiting!'~ Mrs Doubtfire
'Fate is like a strange, unpopular restaurant, filled with odd waiters who bring you things you never asked for and don't always like. ' ~ Lemony Snicket, A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Slippery Slope
'Imagination is more important than knowledge.' ~ Albert Einstein

Story Update:

How To Handle Heartbreak - To anyone who is waiting for this to be updated - I'm so sorry! I've hit writers block on this one pretty bad, but I'm a fifth of the way through chapter six, so it should be updated in the first week of July.

Everything For Love - Chapter 23 up June 24th. Chapter 24 will be up next friday (hopefully).

Through The Veil - I'm currently trying to re-write the ending I wrote but haven't yet posted. Expect another 50,000 words for this story.

Fire & Ice - I'm going to try and add to this during the summer sometime, also I'm thinking about changing it to first person narration, but I'm not sure if I want to make the effort of re-writing the first two chapters.

Home Again - Abandoned

Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll - I have no idea when I'll get around to updating this, but I will eventually. I'm too focused on my other stories at the moment to give this one the amount of attention it deserves.

Future Stories

Everything ForLove: Daughter of the Bride- Okay, so I said at the end of chapter 23 ofEverything For Lovethat I was going to keep the sequel title to myself, but I just thought I may as well put it here anyway. I'm getting kind of excited about this story. I've already written part of the first chapter. I just need to finish Everything For Love then I'll have a little break (like two weeks maybe) then this will be posted.

Playing It Straight/Little White Lie - General/Romance. Sam Bryden HATES her mother, and so to pay her back for all the misery she causes people Sam decides to pretend to become the one thing her mother hates. This story won't be posted for a while either. If at all. I've written the first two chapters and they suck.

The CandyCane Princess xXxXx

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