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Hello readers welcome to my page!


Thanks for clicking on this page, I don't have any tea or cookies I can give you. That either means I'm a shitty host or you're in some other part of the world. I'm pushing for the latter.

Hey have you ever thought this?

'Gawddamit, these stories are either really bad or really good and weird. I need to know who this JUMPANDSHOOTMAN is'

If you're reading this profile page then your quest is complete. If you're on youtube or doing anything else then well...what the hell are you doing thinking about me randomly for? Sort out your life.

Some things about me

1.) I'm an Atheist
Now that oughta turn some of you off right there, what can I say I like to hit the hard issues first. I'm not one of those atheists that think people are stupid for believing in god. I used to think that way admittedly but hey I can't just go around calling 90 percent of people on this planet stupid now can I? A lot of people(my family, friends and even my wife) seem to be under this impression though that I'll just start believing when I feel the light of the lord. The only way for me to ever believe in any kind of god is if they appear before me first hand or communicate with me directly. That's the only way I'll ever believe that horseshit. (If you're offended by this then...take a crack at me or something just don't whine when you do it)

2.) I'm allergic to Shellfish
I know right? And it's especially weird since I was born on an island of crab, lobster and swordfish eating people.

3.) I'm not an Author
For the longest time I've been writing with the thought that 'hey, one day I'll be really serious and take this writing thing to Hollywood' but in actuality I had no interest in being an Author or a big time Mangaka. Honestly I just like to write this shit sometimes. It reduces my stress, I get stressed out to levels you won't fucking believe sometimes, I work really hard throughout the day and either doing this, playing video games or having naked cupcake fights with my wife seem to be the only things that calm me down lately. So yeah I do this for fun.

4.) How I deal with Constructive Critics
Constructive Criticism is fine, it helps. I don't even mind if you make jokes about it my writing. But flamers...nah, I'll never try to silence anyone but I will snap back at you for being a fucking dick. None of that shit you're TYPING by way as in not actually talking...is ever called for. I won't block you or anything and you're free to spam the hate all you want but don't get offended when I start lashing out at you about your shitty writing and that cunt of a mother that birthed you. Call it overboard or getting serious all you want but I'm teaching you a life lesson, you can't just go around saying whatever you want and expecting people to kiss your ass. It won't work like that motherfucker. Didn't work for me, DEFINITELY not gonna work for your ass.

It was these mediums that actually started moving my brain in a particular way.

5.) 14 years ago is when I first started Writing. I was 14 years old when my mother brought home a computer for the first time in the house. I've played Final Fantasies 7-10 and Kingdom Hearts and I was getting to learn all of these new creative outlets. Branching out of Final Fantasy into other RPGs like the Tales of series, Baton Kaitos, Lord of Rings. All of this stuff just swooped into my mind and it'd be all I'd think about and somehow I don't even remember when. I just sat at the computer and just decided to start writing out all of these ideas in my head. And I just haven't stopped.

It wasn't a 'HEY THIS IS WHAT I WANNA DO WHEN I GROW UP' or 'I'M GONNA MAKE A SOMETHING' I was just doing it. It became so second nature and fundamental for me to do that I'd sometimes write before I even did my homework. I'd sometimes write while I was in class, I was obsessed. The first story I ever wrote was called 'The Chosen One'. Kingdom Hearts and Alice in Wonderland heavily influenced it. Oh man those were the days.

6.) I'm a Panster
I write stories and make shit up as I go. I don't plan. If I do plan it out then it's not something that's going to be featured here.

I think that's enough for this profile page.


At the time of me writing this you're just a tiny little ball of cells inside of your mom's Uterus Lab. I used both names because I don't know if you're going to be a boy or girl yet. I just love you already! And I am DYING to meet you right now! Now obviously when you finally read this you'll know who I am and we will have met but I just wanted to show you this little piece of me that I don't show too often to people. Again, I love you kiddo now meet me outside...I've got the PERFECT PRANK to play on your Mom and I need your help. (Remember this was written during your mom's trimester so this prank has been cooking for awhile)

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