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Hello and Welcome to my profile!

Name: Bria Tyler
Age: 14 >> >> Yes. Thats correct! Bwahahha...
Eye color: Red-brown (mostly brown... -sigh- I wish I had red eyes...)
Hair color: Dark brown with six small blonde stripes ^.^
Appearance: I'm kinda larger than most people (the dreaded word) meaning I'm fat. No, that is not the chronicles of a preppy teenager. I actually have a thyroid problem. ^.^ So its not TOTALLY my fault. My head is round, my eyes are round, my cheeks are circular and normally kinda flushed from being the human heater that I am (NAUGHTY PERSON, YOU AREXD). I'm very, VERY tan and Italian (WOOOHOOO)
Personality: I think I may have a multiple personality disorder o.O; I'm serious. Not QUITE sure though... Anways, I'm normally a very happy girl but if you make me mad, then beware, for I can kick and punch hard XD Ask Mike >.>;
Favorite color: Aqua
Favorite animal: cat
Origins: Italy, Germany, Spain/Mexico, England, Norway (I love all of them ^_^ Except for Germany... KILL HITLER!)

I think thats MORE than enough about me o_O;

I live in Michigan with my parents and my little brother. I love my family but GOD do they annoy me x_x; Conflicting emotions, right there! I wish I could spend more time with them but when I do spend time with them I always end up being annoyed by them > Stupid brain and stupid medication... o_O Its for my thyroid, baka!

Anyways, the second chapter to "My Love, Why?" is up.

Ok, I've hit some serious snags with "Kill Zone" meaning that it may not be updated and I may have to take it off. ARG! > I hate when inspiration disappears...

I should be sending in some more stories soon. I have one called "Slowly Rocking" That a few people might like. Yayness? Except for that its on my virus ridden computer... AGH! -kills something-

Demons of Mine should be getting another chapter in about a week... CURSE YOU COMPUTER! T.T; Here is the picture of the brothers that inspired me to write this story ^_^

Anyways, thats about all I can say right now.

Bye bye boo! XD I love Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi...

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