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8/25/15: Yes, I'm still working on getting Nameless (Woman's World) published! Check out my website for details; I keep a very exhaustive accounting of all my progress. You can find me by googling 'Savannah J. Foley'. Thanks!

11/03/2011: Going to be updating a few old stories and adding excerpts from new ones :-)

6/2009: Because I and my literary agent are gearing up to start pitching the Nameless series to publishing houses, they must be removed from Fictionpress. While this is very sad news, and the end of a 5-year era, you can follow me at my author's fan site above and be updated on when we sell and when the book will be published! Thank you everyone so much for all of your support through the years. I couldn't have done it without you. Feel free to drop a comment at my site; I'll be updating regularly with blog posts about my life as a writer and fun contests/events with the other writers of my literary agent at the Bradford Literary Agency.

Background information on the Nameless series:

I was upset that the stereotype for women ruling the world was beautiful Amazon warriors running around with spears and cavemen outfits, using men as sex slaves. I decided to write a book realistically describing a world in which females were in charge. The intention was to insist that female rule would create a utopia, but, as loyal readers of the series have found, it does not. The book evolved into a doctrine teaching equality between the sexes, not superiority of either. I wrote the first draft of what was then called Woman's World when I was in ninth grade. Senior readers will remember all the flaws that went with it. Subsequent drafts and revisions have created a more or less beloved book that many reviewers have fallen in love with (so they tell me). My main goal in life is to have this series published, so maybe one day you will see it in stores, hey?

Nameless has taught me so much about real writing. I'm a believer in living characters, and this book has taught me better how to communicate with them. As many famous (and rightfully so) authors (including Ray Bradbury and Stephen King) have said, characters are their own pepole. They decide how the story will go, not you. I merely wander by them, writing down what happens.

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