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As you can see, the prototype for my story Chaos in the Warring Hell, has been published as Wrath here. It's a prototype, so it's bound to be horribly written, illogical, inconsistent, messy and plain awful. On the other hand, it's fun and entertaining to read, which is why I put it up here anyway. I welcome any feedback, opinions and comments, because I'm going to use them for the final draft of Chaos in the Warring Hell. I will appreciate it if you can tell me what I should keep, discard, throw away, change, improve, etc. Thanks!

My blog is absolutezero-manga dot blogspot dot sg. Just replace the dots with . and you'll reach it. Yeah. More details on my light novel project is there, the full synopses are also there, and I even have some illustrations there. So it'll be good to check my blog out once in a while, since it's closely related to some of my stories on this website.

Not to mention I need people to help me out with my Japanese. Not for the prototype Wrath but for the current light novel project, Chaos in the Warring Hell. My Japanese is pretty horrible, so I'll be grateful if anyone bothers to help and edit my Japanese version. Thanks!

Note: Taurean, um, your email doesn't show up on the review, so I am unable to contact you. Wrath is a prototype, and I'll be doing a rewrite of it, so it's not ending. Rather, it's undergoing rewrites in order to be better. Glad you enjoyed the story, though.

Update: I have changed the title of Absolute Zero to Chaos in the Warring Hell for the final draft to make it sound much more like a light novel. I know people have been asking me for a continuation of Wrath, so please wait for Chaos in the Warring Hell.

The first three volumes of Chaos in the Warring Hell have been uploaded, so please take your time to read it. More details can be found on my blog, such as the progress on volume 4, the full synopses, etc. If you don't have a Fictionpress account, you can comment in my blog, or just write an anonymous review here. Thanks.

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Brave New World by Ulquiorra9000 reviews
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Chaos in the Warring Hell 4: Fire and Ice reviews
Tanaka Tomoyuki follows Kannagi Sanae back to her hometown in Neo-Tokyo to help her convince her parents to stop her arranged marriage. Little did he know, he will become involved in saving a girl from the Tsuchimikado clan - a girl who everyone is willing to sacrifice to a god in order to save Japan!
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The aftermath of the Sakuragi incident resulted in Tanaka Tomoyuki being branded a heartless bastard, and the bullying resumed. Fortunately, the student council president, Shimizu Erika, lent him a helping hand by sending him and Kannagi Sanae on a mission far away from Sakura Village. Unfortunately, when they returned, they find Sakura Village invaded by an army of demons...
Fiction: Manga - Rated: K - English - Fantasy/Adventure - Chapters: 9 - Words: 144,205 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 3 - Published: 10/6/2013 - Complete
Chaos in the Warring Hell 2: Sakura Village and the Sakuragi reviews
After barely defeating high level demons that were aiming for Shimizu Shizuru, Tanaka Tomoyuki finds himself back in the midst of his normal daily life. Unfortunately, his peace is shattered when a group of "old friends" drop by for an unexpected visit. Their motives? To invade the city and capture Shizuru. To make matters worse, Sakuragi Ayumi has her own plans for Tomoyuki, and..
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Tanaka Tomoyuki was killed and ended up in the underworld. Forced to fight off demons by learning magic, he finds himself eventually betrayed and left to die. Somehow surviving, he saves a beautiful half-angel and half-demonic girl - a girl whose heritage could break the balance of power in the balance of power in the underworld. And so Tomoyuki embarks on a journey of...
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Wrath reviews
After dying, where would you find yourself? That's right, Hell. Stuck in Hell and forced to fight demons to survive, Tanaka Tomoyuki's descent into insanity turns into an epic adventure as he fights his way up against the Seven Sins, leaving a trail of carnage and madness behind. This is the prototype for a light novel I'm working on. For more details, please visit my blog.
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The world's top thirteen assassins have been gathered in an island by an insane billionaire to be pitted against one another to battle for the ultimate prize - survival. Fujimoto Hideto, a relatively new assassin, gets mixed up in the melee...
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