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There is one useful advice for writers from John Truby, and I think what he says is very relevant.

You should always write first for yourself; write what you care about. But you shouldn't write only for yourself. One of the biggest mistakes wrriters make is to fall into the trap of either-or thinking: either I write what I care about, or I write what will sell. This is a false distinction, born of the old romantic notion of writing in a garret and suffering for your art. Always try to write something that you care about and also think will appeal to an audience. Your writing should mean a lot to you personally. But writing for an audience makes it a lot easier to do what you love.

I think his book, The Anatomy of Story, will be useful for anyone who wants to be a writer.

Another thing, and this time it's for readers. It takes two hands to clap, and while a writer's effort and product can be seen clearly through his or her writing, the audience's appreciation is a much more invisible thing. If you don't express your views, likes, dislikes, etc., the writer will not know whether you like his or her story, or whether the story should be continued. This leads to a lack of motivation to write. I mean, why should I write if nobody is reading my work, for example? As I quoted Truby earlier, writers don't merely write for themselves, they also write for an audience. But if the audience does not respond, or leave any sign that they are reading, the writers will lose hope.

And the stories you might like will die off. That's why I beg of you. This isn't for me, but for all the writers on this site.

If you like a story, please leave a sign to the writer that you've enjoyed it thoroughly, in the form of a review, or whatever. It can be one sentence, it can be a paragraph, it can be a small essay offering suggestions on how to improve. Don't...I don't know, read and disappear. Writers need support as well. If they think nobody is reading their stuff, then they'll get depressed and stop writing. And they'll delete their stuff. I've seen many talented writers on this site stop writing and give up just because readers refuse to give their stories a chance, or don't leave reviews. I might be lucky when it come to reviews for certain stories, but I'm sure the other writers deserve a lot more than that.

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