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Some Insider Info about my Writing:

Over the years, I have changed a lot when it comes to writing style, but one thing remains the same: The fact that I only am inspired by emotionally taxing events. My writing now has a bit of a cynical touch to it, and I write less and less stories and more and more pieces, per se.

So I hope you guys like it. I don't want to be lost in the fictionpress graveyard, so I promise things will be uploaded periodically!

If you want to Comment, Compliment, or Criticize, (CCC), Please E-mail me or Review!

Just a Note: I know I don't update often. I am very sorry and will try to change that!

April 09, '08- It's been two and a bit years since I've written in this part. How about that? Life has taken many challenges, and with it comes more reasons to write. I've written up a few in the past two years: Time, Jealousy:An Essay, and Just Friends. My writing has morphed to more of dialogue style. I hope you guys like it!

Dec 22, '05- Merry Christmas, and thank you to those who read and review my works. I have updated a new story; Girl. It is what imagine to be the life of the old women in markets in Malaysia. Read it, but beware: There is mature content and may offend some people. Thanks again!

Nov 10, '05- Thank you for all the review. I added a new poem, called Mad. Read and tell me what you think. Until next time!

Oct 21, '05- Thanks for all the reviews lately. I know I haven't updated alot. Thanks to all! Especially nikkerz and termagant. They are the best friends EVER! I also got a few reveiws from this anon, person who goes by the name charel. Thank you! I got alot of positive feedback. Thank you. termagant, nikkerz and other reviewers, all motivated me into writing more. Thank you. Until next time!PS can charel please reveal his/her identity? I would really like to know who you are!

~- Am Proudly Canadian-~

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He’s my bus stop obsession. Well maybe obsession is too big a word. Although… I have been staring at him for three months now. No, I’m not dangerous. I don’t even have the courage to talk to him, so how could I be. I just stare, hoping he won’t notice it.
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