Drowning In Darkness
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I’d like to give thanks to all the people who helped me with this story. From Clavie helping me develop the plot line and certain twists, to Mystic going through all of my work and editing it. On an added note thanks to all the helpful reviewers who are giving me input. It is appreciate and definitely taken too heart.

Full Waiting In The Shadows Summary: Kaylee has known Sebastian since she was thirteen. One night she had lost her way home, in the process of finding her way home she had tripped and fallen. When all hope seemed lost to the young child Sebastian had appeared with a certain Knight in Shining Army quality that led her to be fascinated with her pale hero. She had made him promise to visit her again and to even be her friend. Thought she had no idea who he was talking to, or what he could possibly be, he found himself unable to deny her though with that promise came a stipulation of his own where he would decide when he saw her next. Three years passed before she would see him again, but always he was there waiting in the shadows. Now that she is sixteen, he realizes that she is still too young, but at least she is ready to be told the plans he has for her. Plans which she wants nothing to do with. Now on the verge of her eighteenth birthday his plans are becoming more than a mere promise but a soon-to-be reality, one that she is not ready to face.

Full Apsid Summary: Apsid, a princess, has grown up knowing war for most of her life. She has always wondered why they were at war and why they fought these people. But her questions were never answered and she was always left to wonder why. Now things are beginning to heat up and take a dark turn that she will have no choice but to stop. It's just the matter of how she will stop all that is happening that is the true question.

Full Sorcha Summary: After the murder of her mother, seventeen-year-old Sorcha must care for her sister while they are both sold into Sernia, a dark empire of slavery. Suddenly she finds her self at the mercy of Zane, master of Sernia who finds himself drawn to Sorcha's unrelenting will and courage.
I'm currently working on two stories that are posted I'm thinking about a sequel and two prequels for Sorcha and just hoping to finish Awakenings before I even think about anything more for it. I like both of them, so don't worry I won't be stopping on them anytime soon. :)

Updated: 12-23-07

All righty here I am and with a new story to boot. Let's see if I'll stay and update for a while. :)

Update: 12-28-07

Just want y'all to know that I am working I've just been having fun with all my Christmas money and whatnot. I'm currently editing Awakening Chapter 2 and I have a few ideas for the next Awakenings Chapter. I'm also going through Chapter 2 of Waiting in the Shadows just need it to sound right before I post it. Then I'll go through and change the age of when Kaylee met him and the other mistakes I made. After that bit of editing delight I'll work on Apsid I actually have a lot written for that and it will be fun getting that on the comp. So anyways next few days should be a bit more calmer. I've just been getting tired late. So yeah thanks for all the reviews and hang in there with me!


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