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Hey guys. It's been a very long time since I last posted on here. So, about Roanoke. Have you ever started writing something, reached the end, and then realized you've written yourself into a corner and can't make the ending work? That's what happened. I love Roanoke. I had a ton of fun writing it and I'm still planning on rewriting it. There's a lot that I want to change with it. The magic system being primary thing.

Right now I'm trying to get feedback on my current novel, Soulcaught. If you ever read the story "Somewhere Home" I posted in 2006 you might recognize some of the themes. It's actually reworked from that original idea. You also might notice that I reused the term "Aether" from Roanoke. Since I'm changing Roanoke's magic system, I thought I'd borrow my own vocabulary. It suits Soulcaught much better anyway. I'm posting Soulcaught on critique circle in order to get a detailed crit, but I've found that fictionpress is better for getting overall impressions.

About Me

Name: Jessie

Age: 29

Occupation: Army Engineer

Hobbies: Fencing, writing, shooting, powerlifting, geocaching.


Soulcaught: Jane’s goal in life is to become a member of the Second Court, a powerful organization in the United States, made up of people who can access and control the Aether, or spirit world. Since childhood, she has been protected and groomed by the Duchess, one of the Court’s royals. Just when her dream is within reach, she is kidnapped by rogue Aetherians in a botched attack on the Duchess. For the first time in her life, Jane is on her own and she must figure out how to survive, especially when the line between friends and enemies becomes blurred.

Roanoke: This is my most complete story, but unfortunately I couldn't make the ending work. I had a lot of fun writing it and would like to do complete a rewrite sometime in the near future. It's a steampunk fantasy about a woman named Riley Tucker who has been sentenced to life in prison for murder and treason. She's rescued by the crew of the Roanoke, one of the largest battleships in the fleet of Sanctia, a small kingdom trying to rebel against the Empire. They offer her freedom in exchange for joining their cause. However, her history is deeply tangled in Imperial politics, much more so than they think, and in a fight against the Empire there's no way she can avoid her past.


Expected Length: 100,000 words (33 chapters) Written: 92,000 words (30.5 chapters complete) Posted: 30 chapters

Too Far Gone: This was my NaNoWriMo 2006 novel, and although I reached 50,000 words, it's not yet done. I'm posting new chapters of what I have finished every week or so. Be warned, however, that because this is a nano novel, it was rather hastily written. I'm proud of it, but I have no intention of ever trying to get it published. This is a science fantasy about a young mother who discovers that she's telepathic after her daughter supposedly dies in a gas line explosion. She becomes convinced that her daughter is alive and sets out to find her, even though doing so may cost her her own life. Jack, her husband, is just trying to deal with his daughter's death and is struggling to be supportive of his wife when he thinks she's going crazy.

Somewhere Home: A modern fantasy I started a while ago which I recently started rewriting. I'm not going to add to what is already there, so if you choose to read the first three chapters be forewarned that the rewrite is taking on a very different direction. It's about Olivia, a girl who is kidnapped by a sorceress who wipes everyone's memories of her existence. I'll leave it posted for nostalgia's sake, but i have no intention of finishing it, so I don't recommend you read it.

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