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I'm 19 currently attending ASU as a freshmen. //just finished that feels so nice. now I'm going to take summer school yuck.// goodness i didn't relize how long it has been since this profile has been updated. Well i'm currently in the end of my fall semester of my sophmore year at school. This is getting rather time consuming and difficult, but i'll manage. That is one of the reasons we have been slacking on our updates.

I love to read fantisy books and some of my favority include Tampora Pierce all of her's, Lord of the Rings, and A new trilogy i'm finishing up called The Secret Text by Holly Lisle. //wow i really need to up date my profile more. i have been finished with that book for ages. I was good. I read another really good book called silvers edge by anne keller. she now has a second book out which i just bought and hope to read in to future.

Right now I'm writing in between school are work. I am curently working on a book with my freind that we hope to publish, which is post under my other screen name

J. AnnLouise, the title of the story is called The Kinghtettes of the Quarteralateral Table.

Oh here's a link if your interested

I am also work on some of my own projects which I hope to have posted soon once I know where they are going.

Hope you enjoy the reading and never let your mind lose it creative edge.


Sorry i haven't updated in ages but im currently enrolled in TWO eight week classes and they are laying the homework heavily. On top of this they are hard classes

calculus and digital logic design. I know sounds worse than it is. The classes get over on july 22, but i hope to have more stuff posted before than. Till then i hope to read

some of your good stuff in what little spare time i have. Reading others writting gives me a reprive from the never ending homework. So shoot me an e-mail or whatever

and i'll read your stuff.

Oh and just so you people are awar i have a problem, i'm a bad speller from now on i will have my sister proof my stuff, but just warning ya before ya dive head first into

anything. yes that is my weakness. but go fiure right i love to write. don't know how that one happend. Bye the way thanks reviewers for all the support it really helps to

keep a person motivated even if it doesn't seem like help at the time.


AHHH! finals week i hate it. Ok during winter break i hope to get more writting done.


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Bloodline by Never Knows Best reviews
Ri'Tai was a simple village girl until Draygon slavers attacked her village and took her as a pet for a powerful General. She cares only about escape until she finds herself at the center of a conflict that could send the whole world to war.
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She had never expected to meet him. Spoilt, stubborn, disagreeable, his only saving grace was the grace of his sword that earned him his name. But she did, and all she can do is to pull him out of his mind's darkness, before he forgets how to cry.
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The Assassin of Kevari by XxDragon Princess NikkixX reviews
When tragedy stikes, Cassandra is forced to leave her simple life behind. Unknowingly she walks arm in arm with her enemy and becomes the greatest assassin the land has ever known. Will Prince Alexander, her childhood rival, help her to see the truth?
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Iris discovers a different world and a hidden truth about herself that will make her or break her. Everything she thought was fantasy becomes reality. Will she bear it all or lose herself destroying all the people she loves? Vampires&Othercreatures. R&R
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Addie has a perfectly normal life until she meets Alex, than everything spirals out of control. Her strength is tested and her old friendships are torn apart. Will she ever live a normal life again?
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Rockstar Redux by Cleopatra IV reviews
It's never been easy for Danielle but she's out once and for all to prove herself in a world dominated by male racers while still supporting her best friend in his quest for fame and experiencing a romance with the elusive Tre McCombs, his new band mate.
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Fear Not the Wolves by Arianna Wings reviews
COMPLETE The first daughter ever born into the tribe of the Wolves, Bryony struggled all her life to keep up with her clan brothers. The gods have other plans, however; plans that draw her away from her secluded warrior tribe.
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Eclipse:Darkness of the Heart by Tears of IceFire reviews
Kurai's just been uprooted from the life she knew - just to go to a prestigious boarding school for spellcasters. But while there a rare event occurs: the Eclipse. Will she rise to meet adversary, or will her shadowed past return to haunt her?
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The Forgotten Element by Jiva reviews
Aria lost a past but gained a future the day she was found. Now nine years later, she finds the person that might just help her remember. With his help she will regain her memories, save a kingdom and face fears she never knew she had.
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Serenity has barely escaped her abusive father when she is hurled into a fantastical world of warring demons...
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Alice's Broken Wings by iamwater reviews
Alice is a princess. She wants to be a wanderer. She wants to be a thief. She wants to be free. Damien helps her, but breaks her wings. Now she is alone in this huge kingdom of hate and war. How will she live?
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My Journal reviews
This is going to be a story about my life, and a look into the way i think. I'm not sure where this story will go be it seemed like a good thing to do.
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This is a little inspiring piece about never giving up.
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school and homework, and the lovly combination they make together
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This is just an expression of how I feel an the moment. As you can tell form the title this is about how we choose to make the right decision. And How we decide what is right.
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The Story of How My Life Got So Upside Down reviews
The first born in her family refuses to go by the rules and sets out to be different from the rest. Using her father’s sword and the help of some friends can truly mean the difference between the will to live and giving in.R/R
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