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Well, first off, I want to apologize to everyone waiting for me to finish my fics. I will try to work on them more. And, I'll do it one at a time cause right now, that's all I can do. Balancing so many at one time is too hard. Check below to see what my current project is (whatever doesn't say 'ON HOLD' is what I'm working on).

Second note - Since I'm in college now, I've got a lot of work to do. Definately more then over the summer. So, yea, it will take longer then usual to get out new chapters. I apologize for the delay, but it can't be helped. I did try to upload earlier, but has been giving me a lot of trouble lately, too. That doesn't help. Just to let you guys know that updates will come as often as I can get with school.

I'm 19 years old. Oh, yea, and I'm a girl. I like anime a LOT. My favorite anime(s) right now are: WeiƟ (Weiss) Kruez (Knight Hunters in English), Yugioh, Hamtaro, and Dragon Ball. My favorite male anime character is Omi Tsukiyono, and my favorite female character is Hikaru Shidou.

A bit about me...hrm...I like to write and draw anime, and I'm working on my own anime series right now (manga), and I draw a manga-style 3-panel comic for my college newspaper. I'm also a CCG/RPG gamer! I love that stuff! I play Magic the Gathering and Yugioh/Duel Monsters. I've tried Pokemon, Star Wars, and even a Monster Rancher battle game. I was a dungeon master in Dungeons and Dragons. The Final Fantasy series is my favorite RPG series. I am on a climbing team here (rock climbing), and I love it! My favorite current subject is Electronic Arts (we're learning about Flash!). ^-^

Please review my stories! I like reviews! I want to know how to improve my stories and if everyone liked them! Just remember...please review responsibly and maturely. And please don't ask when I'm going to update...I'm a busy college student. Arigatou Gozaimasu!

"The blue sky should be high and clear no matter how far away it is."
-Gentatsu (Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X movie)

Current Projects:

Anime Digidestined: When nine kids from other anime's are transported to the digital world to save it, who knows what will happen next...Chapter 22 up. SUSPENDED.

Digimon: After 02 (digimon): Sequel to 'One Wish'. It's the beginning of a series with a new, mysterious enemy and two new digidestined with the crests of 'compassion' and 'forgiveness'. New bonds are formed, and new friends are made in order to save the digital world one year after the events of Zero Two, with a twisted plot...chapter 13 up. ON HOLD.

Rurouni Kenshin: Jibun no Kako ni Fureru (Touching Upon the Past): (two years after the manga) A young boy has lost his parents, and is searching for his missing father. He comes to Tokyo and ends up saving Kaoru and Kenji, and is invited to stay at the dojo. During so, he and the other Kenshin Gumi find out the startling truth about the boy's origin, and a mad-man's plot to overthrow the government has them turning to the only person they know for help...Chapter 16 up, working on 17. ON HOLD.

Dragon Ball Z: Reincarnation: Takes place during the Saiyaman saga. When a mysterious man makes a wish on the Dragon Balls, it can only mean trouble. And the outcome will affect Gohan's life forever. Are the Z-senshi strong enough to face this new threat? Chapter 8 up. ON HOLD.

Yugioh: The Past, Present, and Future: Yugi is a 10-year-old boy caught in the middle of his parents breaking up. If that wasn't bad enough, they often abuse him. Yugi's only friend is Anzu Mazaki, whom he had only known for one year as a school friend. But when Yugi solves a strange puzzle given to him by his grandfather, and the mysterious boy Yami appears, things are about to change... *warning - abuse, violence, and swearing extremes* . Chapter 48 up.