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Okay. Where to start... well, my name is never to be spoken by anyone since I absolutely hate it. I will personally hunt you down if you discriminate me for my age. Just beacuse im 14 doesnt mean that I am like every other idiotic child out there. And if you think that I am, then im sorry but you are very much mistaken and I ask that you take your hypocrtitical, labeling self away from here. Besides that sudden outburst, Im a mostly normal human being even though most of you might not think that but I dont give a rat's ass about what you think. Sorry for sounding mean, If you cant deal with it, too bad. Anyways, I dispise labels but to the ones out there that do label people, im considered to be either a goth or a rocker. Take your pick. I will never leave home without my eyeliner, my black nail polish, and I prize myself on my green hair. I love music. Without it, I dont think I could function.I love my friends. They're what keeps me going. About my writing, Ive been writing for 3 years now. Yes, I know what I have up now sucks. I just havent had time to post anything else up.

I like
accents. anarchy. emo. gothic. rain. neon. gray. kindergoth. foamy the squirrel. sporks. stripped socks. vintage. wicca. zodiac. green. randonimity. invader zim. degrassi. guys wearing eyeliner. fishnets. doom. being strange. polka dots. polka spots.bass guitars. astrology. water. starts. eyes. cold. permanent markers. photography. thunderstorms. walking in the rain. chains. studs. depressive. dark. lattes. viva la bam. duct tape. dreams. dreaming. creating. art. thoughts. wind.


I lurve my music more
afi.linkin park. papa roach. evanescence. all american rejects. relient k. my chemical romance. smashing pumpkins. story of the year. three days grace. skye sweetnam. jd natasha. tonic. system of a down. sum 41. the used. velvet revolver. jem. black sabbath. garbage. blink 182. avril lavigne. green day. jacks mannequin. long-view. howie day. jimmy eat world. good charlotte. avril lavigne. simple plan. ac/dc. puddle of mudd. franz ferdinand. the killers.

Song: Kill The Messenger
Author: Sarah Dessen
Book: Dreamland
Color: Green
Actor: Dominic Monaghan
Actress: Stacey Farber
Number: 17
Cartoon: Foamy the Squirrel
Item of Clothing:
Arm Warmers

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