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my pseudonym is - queen of sunshine

i reside in - the suburban state within the east coast. just take a gander at what that state might be.

my birth-name is -ha, like i'll ever tell you that. XD

why are penguins evil? - because they steal high fructose syrup. i NEED my high fructose syrup darn-it, it's like my LIFE's in that syrup-filled bottle!

how old are you? - between the ages of ten and seventeen. take your pick.

list your favourite bands/musical artists of all time:

- my chemical romance, the gazette, dir en grey, panic at the disco, fall out boy, paramore, emery, trapt, papa roach, gacktJOB, miyavi, utada hikaru , BoA, crystal kay, mary j. blige, chrisette michele, aaliyah, mario, trey songz, and a LOT more. XD

list your favourite songstresses/singers please- the list grew extensively since last time. that's all you need to know oh and, look above for SOME of them.

what do you write usually?

- poetry

- songs (whenever i'm inspired to, the same goes for poetry)

- original fictional stories

- short stories

- essays

- character profiles

- drafts

- fanfiction

you name it, i write it.

Updates: 2 / 18 / 09 - So firstly, I want to wish everyone an extremely belated Happy New Year and an equally belated Merry Christmas. For those of you who don't rip open presents on Christmas morning, then I hope you had an awesome day.

Secondly I have two new surprises for you--new fics, well really they're three new fics. For 'About Emma . . .' (yes I've finally decided on a title. I've decided to respond to each new review at the end of each new chapter I submit). Or if you prefer to not have my response to your review displayed so eeeeeveryone can see it, then I could send it to you privately. Either way if you review, I'll respond.

So here's some crappy summaries of my stories-to-be. Enjoy the terribly written synopses and yes I'm very critical of myself. :(

About Emma . . .

Sometimes we all have to die before we can be reborn again.

Piecing your life back together is never easy: Try resisting your resident college hottie, getting over the fact that your ex is a lecherous sex-demon, your best friend has sexual tension with your OTHER best friend, and you're still single. Now breathe.

The Third World

What do you get when you add in equal parts of a cowardly teenaged exiled prince, his grumpy bad-ass magical instructor, a prophesied crazy savior of the world, and mix it in with fantastically creepy baddies, puppet governments, and corrupted commanders? A whole lot of weirdness, that's for sure.

Untitled for Now

All I knew was that I was special, not in the sense that I had some extradordinary gift that could help people, no. My gift wasn't what you would describe as extraordinary--not if it propelled people to want to capture me and kill me. Not if it made them dubious and insatiably curious about my gift . . . not if I hurt people with my so-called "gift." So what's better: to have a unique gift that only you can call your own? Or to be a drone like the masses of other "normal" people in the world? Unprotected or overly sheltered?

You decide . . .

See, crappy but hopefully it'll still attract your attention if you read it.

All of the plot lines/WIP's mentioned in the note above have been placed on an indefinite period of hiatus until further notice. (4-9-09)



Changed the title of my newest story from 'Breaking and Reassembling for You and I' to 'He was Blue-Eyed and Heartbreaking . . .' it's more meaningful and really ties into how close Layla and her first crush were. You'll see the impact of his words on her, his actions towards her, his own emotions, and his own influential beliefs that he reveals to her. This piece is as close as autobiographical as I'll ever get so most of the chapters have some significant part in my life--meaning that I've experienced what Layla's experienced. I tried to write the first opening chapter in a kind of sporadic style because Layla tends to think "aloud" so she writes whatever comes to her head at the time.

I really, really would love to hear your feedback on the first chapters. I try to respond to all of the reviews I receive and if I can then I'll normally try to review my reviewer's stories as well.

Modified the summary of "He was Blue-Eyed . . ." and also the quote is very thematic to the story--it's the hub or the central driving force behind this little "baby" of sorts.



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