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Hey guys and gals and gramps and grams and mammals and munks and creeps and meeps!

My name is meeply, and I'm a... a ...meep! If you have anything aginst us meeps then you're a crusin for a brusin! I live way down yonder in Meepsville. I expect you've heard of Meepsville before. We're famous for our "Meep hash" which is my favorite food. Meep hash is freakin tastey! I haven't posted anything yet... but the time will come when all you eager fans of mine will cherish the moment when I post my up and coming poem titled FRANCHESTER FROM MANCHESTER. It's been a total hit here in Meepsville. I'd like to give a shout out to my Mommy Meepalina and my Grandpappy Meepstie: I love you two! You rule! Oh yeeeahhhh!

And remember: MEEPLY LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AND NOW... Quotes from a deep mind... meep.

"Hey, you smell like meep hash. Now get that thing outta here-" Meepsta the star

"Sorry, but meeps rule the world now, guess we're the real winners-" Meepla, Meepsville's Vice Prez

"Once a meep tap dances, it's entertainment for life-" The FANCY meepin tap dancer

"Close the door before I throw you out the window-" Francis B. George from the film CREEP IN THE NIGHT

"...and so that's the formula for density-" that one scientist

"No, you're the formula for density-" his dad

"When was the last time you checked that meep hash? it could be over-hashing.-" Meeper COoker advisortoritarian

"I told you to keep your meep shut. One more peeper dee duper outta you and it's cutians!-"your mom

"CRIPES! LET BYGONES BE BYGONES. it's over and done with and we outta be fiends, i mean FRIENDS... Just because i'm too hott to trot doesn't mean I can resist love... or your mom-"

GEORGE BUSH, former meep offender...



That's all. Happy day. uhhhh... meep. your new friend,

meeply aka fancy

EXTRAS: The unwanted mail

Dear... buttman

I like apple sauce. how's bout you?

do ye like yer appie sauce with ze cinnamon with it?

Have you ever used turpentine before?

I bet you have.


Nice to meet you.

You can call me Fransis B. George.

Frannie for short.

If you're from France call me Franswa.

Or lil old Francie pants for short.

If you're from San fransisco, call me Fransisco.

If you're a pirate, on the other hand, call my Franchesk. sorta like cheser chest. They like hidden chesher a lot.

My hamster's name is PEEPER DE DUPER; it has to be in all caps because it's a special name.

This is how I say yes: yeep, yeeper, yeepen.

okkkkayyyy... story time!

Once there was a meep.

Meep's name was Meeply.

Meeply's favorite food is "Meep hash"

Meeply is a mestie mister.

Meeply is a winner, just like your dog.

Can you guess what Meep's favorite tolietree is?

You're right!

It's meep charmin

cha cha cha... charmin!


My little cousin is a doodle bug.

My friend has an egg ...

for a head.

That's why everyone in the atmosphere calls her egg head.

Her head is shaped like an egg.

If she cracked her head open over a frying pan,

we'd have omelet supreme.

Then it would be freakin tasty.

When ever we go to the mall with my grandpappy,

he cramps my style.


WORD. (Microsoft word)

Did, or do you play an instrumento?

I play...

my nose!

Burrr...bur be burrrrr beeeeep!

That song is called the fancy arrow plane

wanna hear another?

BEEEP! be boooooop! burr be bur be be be burrrr...

that one is called FEFE the racoon.

see you on da flip side, buttman.

You rule the world of dinos!

with careless love,


Intro To "FUZZ BALL AND COMPANY CENTRAL!" The up and coming box office thrill of the season!

What is FUZZ BALL AND COMPANY CENTRAL you ask? Why, my dear naive fiend, I mean friend, you've never heard of it before? It's the humorus tale of a young fuzz ball named 'Baby London' (Andera Cross)who is trying to get through life as a... fuzz. She has a best fiend, I mean friend, named 'Charly Horse' (Shane Flenn) and a monster chrush on Fuzzum High's star football player, 'Humpfrey Pi-chacha' (Derick Camp) But Villians and former popularcheerleadingfuzzes 'Meistie Mister'(Shandy Creg)and her googly-eyed, creepalicious, faithful side-kick 'Peeper de Duper,the third' (Liela Manway)team up and get in the way. AND THEN... there's 'that one fuzz'(PeterBrick)who keeps popping up in the story. He's 'Baby London's' unofficial stalker who remains anomus throughout most of the story. Where did he come from? Why is he so fuzzalicious? And who in the heck would name thier kid 'that one fuzz'? Are all disturbing questions that run through 'Baby London's' mind. Who is 'that one fuzz'? We may never know... Coming to you this summer...




QUESTION: If you were an animal... what would you be???

a) A dying squid named "Mippy"

b) A Creep named "Fifi"

c) A cod fish named "Captain Hook"

d) A rock named "ping-ching, the third (III)"

e) A Microscopic Consumer named "Alvin"

f) A Woodpecker named "Beastly-bird-butt"


g) A monkey named "Big-steamin-chocolate-munk-Thunda!!"

h) A dehydrated Lemur named "Comedy B"

GOOD CHOICE! That wasn't so hard, now, was it? Didn't think so. Okay, now that you've chosen, match up the letter you previously chose to the one listed below to read your personality. REMEMBER: We can't all be the best, so don't try to be, people can see through your fakeness. GOOD LUCK!

If you guessed letter , then you are?

A): You are gentle but weak and you smell

B): U smell like a dead palm tree and you look like one too

C): You once were a pirate who live on a ship; your ship charshed and to survive in the ocean you evloved into a cod fish and then... some kid ate and cooked you for supper. muhahaha, I mean, ahem, WA WA WAAAA

D): People would describe you as having a heart made of stone. (hence you being a rock, poor fellow) You once ruled a gigantic dynasty in northern present-day Hong-Kong called the PING-CHING place, named after you. But then... some kid who just ate a cod fish for supper who onwed a magic 60-watt lamp turned you in to a rock and threw tou at a creep named fifi. Hahaha!

E): Sometimes you feel... well, to put it lightly, just plain invisible, like people don't know you exist, but you are a very important part of the ecosystem, just the same. Just tell them to kiss your microscopic ass. That'll teach 'em.

F): You feel hot 24/7, and you are. Once you fell from a 100 ft tree and broke your butt. Now it's just plain deformed.

G): So what if you throw your own poop and scratch your amr pitts monday afternoon, thru saturday eve? What people don't know won't hurt em', right? And besides, it's better for them to know the good things about you. Like that you're the best. Some peeps would say you're prideful and self-indulgant. You say: And I like it that way, me being the best munk eva, what's it to ya, egg head?

H) You suck at telling jokes, but at least you try, right? WRONG! Give it up, munk, you and your act aint never gonna make it in these here cities. Go back to the trees and quit drinkin so much coffe, you crack pot of a human's cousin! ummm... BLEH!

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