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So there are three of us: Gert-Chelsea, Abby-Renee, Celenky-Nicole

Hey, this is Renee (Abby).
I'm the one who does 99 percent of the reviewing. I wrote Decarté Princess, Arreitin Society, Valaina, War of Prophecy, The White Owl and Memory of Mistakes. I also coauthored The Magical Torch and The Magical Orb (sequel to TMT). I love to write but I have issues with actually ending anything I write. I have ended 2 stories that I started, The Decarté Princess and The Magical Torch...that's it. Currently I am trying to finish The White Owl but I haven't made much progress--ok, I haven't made any progress. My current projects are Valaina and War of Prophecy. Reviews would be extremely appreciated for those 2 stories...and TMT, my favorite story of all time!

Hello, I'm Chelsea (Gert).
While I love writing, Renee and Nicole do a ton more in her spare time than I do. I mainly just have apathy and self-confidence issues. Ha, anyways... I wrote Fate's Design, Rivals of Italy, The Scarlet Letter Rewrite, and I co-authored The Magical Torch. While Rivals of Italy and The Scarlet Letter Rewrite are both essays done for school, I am extremely proud of them. I especially love Rivals of Italy, which I worked extremely hard on. As Renee wrote, TMT is by far the most awesome story ever freakin' written, so you should definitely read that one if you're going to read anything on here. Enjoy our work!

Hello! It's Nicole (Celenky).
I haven't written much of anything in a long time because of a class I took in my final semester of high school. It was called Creative Writing and it sucked out all the creative writing that I could do. I mainly write fanfiction, and all of that is over on under the name "Blue September Rain" (http/ I have, however, put up a few poems on here of mine, and if I could find the other ones I have, I might just put those up here too. Um.. I'm going to Western Michigan University in the fall and I'll be studying film and communications. Wooo. Anyways, have a wonderful day and read stuff! haha

Lengthened Summaries of Stories:

Terro & Syrene: By Gert. This is the first story I've really planned completely. I have the fantasy world mapped out (literally), and I am currently in the process of writing a COMPLETE plot outline. All I can really say for sure as of now is that it will span three books, and it is basically a love story that is set in a fantasy world and revolves around a much bigger story. I don't have any of the writing on here right now, but I will as soon as possible. It's going to be really awesome once I get down to work!

The Magical Torch: By Abby & Gert. Breaks the whole Evil vs. Good code. Began as something to entertain us and didn't really have a point but then evolved into a huge story that lasted over a year and a half. Rated for some romance near the end of the story and cruelty. About the war between Magical Creatures and Humans. It is over 200 pages long (written) and will take us quite a while to put all of it on fictionpress. This is our favorite story of all time; it's great for a good laugh, some romance, and a nice story all rolled in one! Ahh good times... We are thinking of starting a sequel but would only have a year to finish it since we are now seniors.--We have been out of high school awhile now, and did indeed write The Magical Orb, although it isn't complete. You can find what we do have below!

The Decarté Princess: By Abby. A girl is kidnapped and becomes a slave. Then she lives with an older couple who take her in. She falls in love with a theif and finds out she is the descendant of the royal line and the rightful queen. She must overtake the current rulers to save the country, which is falling apart without a rightful ruler. I finally finished this story at 170 pages (written). Isn't a very happy story unlike The Magical Torch.

The White Owl (formerly Night Walker): By Abby. My pride and joy currently. Hoping to get some constructive reviews... It is around 230 pages right now (filled a whole 5 subject notebook!) Anyway, it is about a girl who is on a mission to avenge her family's death. She has been tracking down the raiders that attacked her family when she was young and killing
them. She learns that these radiers arn't exactly ordinary. She struggles to learn how to control her magic and use it to destroy the dark magic. I am excited about this story! Plenty of twists-which I am very proud of-some romance, humor, and of course suspense and irony!

Arreitin Society: By Abby. (title is subject to change-I just have a problem with posting stories untitled) This story has been abandoned so there will be no more postings...sorry. I didn't like how it was going. I began writing a new story with the same general idea but much better.

Valaina: By Abby. (title subject to major changes) This is the same general idea as Arreitin Society except better, much better. A scullion boy accidentally gets involved with a criminal and is kidnapped and taken to a secluded fort. There he trains to become a soldier against the new government that outlawed weapons and magic.

The Magical Orb: By Abby & Gert. The sequel to The Magical Torch! WOOP! Do not read this unless you have read TMT because it will give away TMT's ending!! About a girl (whose identity will not be revealed here in case you haven't read TMT...) who is destined to be seer. She must become seer before a plague spreads and takes the lives of many...including close friends.

Rivals of Italy: By Gert. This is a research essay that I wrote. It's a comparison between Michelangelo and Raphael, and although it sounds daunting and boring, it's actually very interesting. If you're interested in art or history in general, this is an excellent essay to read.

The Scarlet Letter Rewrite: By Gert. If you've ever read Nathaniel Hawthorne's "The Scarlet Letter," you'll understand what's going on in this. It's a rewrite of the last two chapters in the novel that I chose to do for a school project. Even if you haven't read the novel, the syntax and vocabulary I used are quite interesting and very unusual, just as Hawthorne's is. It may be of interest to anyone who enjoys that.

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Book 3 out of 3. Written by Gert.
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how can saying something so simple be so hard?
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The Scarlet Letter: Ending Rewrite
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