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I am one seriously bored child...

"He's still alive. He's still alive. He's still alive. He's still ALIVE! HE'S STILL ALIVE!!" - Raven, Zoids

"Should you have any annoying obstacles in your path -- let's say a member of the opposite sex -- you must directly tell her, 'Back off bitch' and 'leave me alone.' The results are amazing and dramatic.

Really to be evil like me, you just have absolutely no time to flirt because your nerve-wracking enemy is out there somewhere, all alive and well. To conclude this, I want Van to die. Period. Don’t ask me out. The only place I’ll take you is to your grave. Good Day." - Raven, How To Be An Evil Bad Guy On Zoids! by December

"Now I see. You're a team player. A save-the-day super hero... I hate people like you" - Hiei, Yu Yu Hakusho

"For the first time in months he was glad to have another’s company, even if that other seemed to be temporarily bipolar and possibly homicidal." - Hiei's thoughts of Kurama, Dragonfire Secrets by Chrislea

Kagome: "I thought you said Kikyo was a master archer!"
Inuyasha: "She was! It's you that sucks!"

Kagome: "So, I should just give up?" *gets tearful*
Inuyasha: "Hey, what are you doing? Are you... crying? NO CRYING!"

Beware the flying papayas!

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