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Updated: 15th March 2009

Apologies to everyone wondering where the hell I've been for all this time - when I published my last stories, I was about to turn 18 - now I'm almost 21! Not in work at the moment, my inspiration has semi-returned, and am currently planning a new in-depth story!

As for encouragement and inspiration, well apart from reading everyone else's work, I watch almost anything on TV & listen to almost anything on the radio or the music channels on TV. Most importantly though, doing all this helps me to write - for example, if I just watched a movie on the big black box in the living room, the chances are you'll find me upstairs and jotting new ideas down within five minutes of the movie finishing!

Sunne has written arguably one of my favourite fiction stories of all time. Take a butcher's of it; it's called 'Belleview Chronicles' and once you have a good read of what is already up, I'm sure you'll understand exactly why I love it so much, with it's completely unique style of storytelling! I've been away from this site for a few months but I'll still go for her story and read it - keep it up yay!!

I need to see her account in a sec - god I need to see what I've missed haha!

Most of my other fics have collapsed, due to a reformatting of my laptop (lost all the hard work on them!!) - I'm really struggling to keep them going, so if anybody wants them, to continue them for me you're very much welcome to do so. I'll keep them up here for now to help!

I'm still jotting ideas down for new stories, some are a bit stupid, others quite intriguing!

My first short story 'That One Day' has proved to be very popular amongst those romance-loving readers, and if I may say so, a big success. It was the success of that story which made me want to continue writing.

The other stories on here are the beginnings to stories I really wanted to complete, but ever since the laptop had to be reformatted, I really have lost a lot of motivation to do so.

As always, if you want to give your thoughts on my ideas, feel free to directly email me; the address is now david_mole2005@ - my display email is still valid but I use my other one a lot more now.

Don't forget to keep leaving me your opinions though - whether you end up giving a compliment, or just complaining about the slightest error, because it's only with your guidance that I will continue to improve my writing. I've had really good feedback from people and am extremely grateful for every single

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