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Hey, I'm Kayla. Read on to find out all about me! I'm sure you won't be disappointed!

Loves: Art, mucic, photography, painting, life, butterflies, new discoveries, summer, family guy, Enya, bugs, woodworking, movies, surfing the net, friends,water, cats (just notMY cat, I hate my cat), my dogs, blueberry pie, scented candles, pilates, rollorblading, biking, decorating, blueberry pie ( I know, i said it twice, but let's face it, who DOESN'T like pie?), nice people, laughing, bubbles, greek history ( yeah, i know, geek much?), french (okay, okay, stop throwing things at me already!)

Hates: The Osbournes (eww), burping (disgusting), pop, nose hair, chest hair ( okay, just, really hairy guys. I mean come on, you're not telling me they think it's acutally ATTRACTIVE?!), irritating people, negative people, little tiny dogs that howl and wake you up at 5:00 in the morning ( $#@ people and their dogs...), angry people, stubbing my toe, regrets, worrying,

So, I'm new here. And I have to say, there are some pretty wicked stories out there, really talented people. I like to help them along as best i can by giving advice as often as possible.Of course, I'm not a perfect writer myself, but any advice is good advice. If any of you like my stories, or find a mistake or anything else you'd like to tell me, I'd appreciate some advice as much as the next , enjoy yourselves, and get immersed in the world of ...ahhh...l'amour...

Dominating Fate:

Here are some pics of the characters. If you don't like em feel free to yell at me, cuz i'm not sure if i like em. But oh well, i tried. Actually, if you have something better, then send a link to me and I'll post it. Anyways, here goes.

WARNING: to not observe the following photographs if you do not want your image of these characters to be ruined.


Luca- http:///albums/f259/Skye_Blue07/?action=view&current=c1ace8de.jpg "http:///albums/f259/Skye_Blue07/?action=view&current=c1ace8de.jpg" target="new"http:///albums/f259/Skye_Blue07/?action=view&current=c1ace8de.jpg

Bryn- http:///albums/f259/Skye_Blue07/?action=view&current=07c3315c.jpg "http:///albums/f259/Skye_Blue07/?action=view&current=07c3315c.jpg" target="new"http:///albums/f259/Skye_Blue07/?action=view&current=07c3315c.jpg

8-year-old Bryn- http:///albums/f259/Skye_Blue07/?action=view&current=2694514d.jpg "http:///albums/f259/Skye_Blue07/?action=view&current=2694514d.jpg" target="new"http:///albums/f259/Skye_Blue07/?action=view&current=2694514d.jpg


Here you will find pictures of Abrielle and Ryance and also a history of themselves of everything that occurs before the book begins, just to keep u interested ;)


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When Angels Cry reviews
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