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Hmm... who am I? What are the unique qualities that define me as the slab of meat that is myself? Ha! It's late at night! I can't really distinguish defining unique qualities from Tuna Helper right now... so here are some gobs of noodley information-goodness: Besides writing, I like drawing, watercolor, T'ai Chi, fencing, reading, and playing in the woods. And a variety of other things which I am not so very interested in listing. Being the deep-fried, biochemistry-packed college chick that I am, putting up new stuff has been, to say the least, a strain. Slowly, though, I'll finish that story.. and maybe some others... someday... hopefully before I die.

Here are some Better Summaries for my two favorite stories, because I'm not very good at summarizing in 100 characters or less:

Apprentice: Janet, a trouble-making serf girl, is abducted from her manor by a thief named Moro who claims to want an apprentice. Moro is a domineering man, but Janet is not one to give in to intimidation. Currently, she has escaped and is leading him on a merry chase through the countryside, but the story will stretch much farther than a single country. This one starts off slow and I still think the first chapter needs touching up - or renovation, as it were... - but I have a lot of the plot planned and sketched out. Yes, eventually, there really will be fencing, fighting, revenge, torture, escape, true love (as well as false love), and miracles. And pirates. Lots of pirates, just as soon as I get to that part. This one has been in the works for four or five years, but then, so has school, so I guess that I can't call myself lazy so much.

The Plague of Thaalos: Drodane is an Aldebarranian spy sent to -er- spy on the Warlady Jace - a ruthless, magic-wielding queen from the eastern realm of Axia - all because the castle Thaalos (located in the band of mountains between Aldebarran and Axia) is besieged by strange monsters of the Warlady's making. The ranger Burhem must face the skeletons in his closet if he is to escape with his sanity, not to mention his life, and Drodane must learn to live with her failures as well as the sheer cruelty of fate. Other faces wade through this tale including the sensitive and honorable Darien; Merck, whose devotion to his Warlady knows no limits; and Aedon, a free-spirited and unorthodox knight (of sorts). This story is a predecessor of and very closely linked with Apprentice, so following both could be enlightening if I ever finish them. However, The Plague of Thaalos is much darker than Janet's tale - though all of the chapters currently posted are pretty much harmless, future chapters will feature a fair bit of brutality - hopefully nothing too mindlessly violent. (I mean to convey events, not glorify human suffering.)

Like I've been saying in a lot of story summaries lately, I will return the favor if you review one of my stories or poems - ESPECIALLY Apprentice or Plague of Thaalos. I know the chapters are long, but they're mostly intended to be novels someday and novels are like that... If it bugs you, tell me about it anyway. Harness that irritation!

...and by the way, check out this essay on leaving reviews - it's really helpful. I think that, if more people would review this way, it would make fictionpress a more helpful writing community for everyone. Anyway, here's the site: http://www.fictionpress.com/s/1534354/1/

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